Thursday, May 20, 2010

it's hard to post

...when there is nothing to say that would interest another soul.  I missed all the excitement nearby on Monday, while I was having my annual colonoscopy (saves lives, people!!!). The good news is that after 10 years, I don't have to go back for two years. A milestone.

The rest of the day doesn't bear talking about.  Or maybe it does. (with thanks to the Star Ledger for this excerpt) I missed all the excitement nearby.

One of three bears reportedly on the loose near William Paterson 
University in Wayne crosses Pompton Road on Monday.
One of three bears
reportedly on the loose near William Paterson University in Wayne crosses Pompton Road on Monday. Perhaps the mama bear was teaching her cubs about those fast moving square things with red flashing lights.
Or maybe showing them a college campus is always a place to learn about the human condition.

Whatever the reason, a black bear and her cubs used a nice spring day to ramble through the rolling lawns of St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital and William Paterson University in Wayne on Monday — before running into a startled contractor who used his carpenter’s ruler to scare one of them away.

They drew the predictable ready response from police and wildlife agents who tracked and shepherded their meanderings through the suburban community before they finally disappeared into forestland. And bear experts say North Jersey should get used to the sight of such family outings now that it’s warm enough for sows and their cubs to emerge permanently. 


Tuesday night was my art crit group meeting.  We hadn't met since February (can it be???) and as always, it was a pleasure to see what the others brought.  I brought nothing because I have made absolutely nothing for months. And I didn't even get pix of everybody's work that were clear enough to show here.

Rachel Liebman brought a collage she had made for a Graffiti exhibit.
Yvette brought the prints she had made at a workshop she took in Arizona with printmaker Ron Pokrasso. Here are a couple of them. A gorgeous series; made me want to sign up for his next workshop and/or get back to the press.
Yesterday was a treat: I met my daughter Hilary for a sushi lunch and then went for my pre-trip pedicure. This shade of polish should go even better with my orange Birks, don't you think?
I'm off to the dollar store for foil pans, the supermarket for food (what else?) and have to finish packing for my teaching trip tomorrow.  I am driving for a change and looking forward to getting on the road by myself.
see 'ya


Eva said...

What do you mean your posting should not be interesting? Bears, turquoise toenails and wonderful prints are enough reasons to stop by and read!
Another Soul

bettyp said...

Glad yours went fine and don't have to go back for 2 years . I know a friend that had it done and they made a hole in the intestinal wall .Then that caused her to have surgery to CLEAN up .

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

HA!larious toes! I like the purple with the turq... ;-)

Libby Fife said...

I kept looking for Goldilocks in the bear story.

I see we have the Birks in common. I wear mine with socks which is always a super special look:)

P.S. I could not thing of a single interesting thing to say to my husband last night at dinner. I feel your "boredom" pain.

Russ Little said...

Love the toes and the color coordinated signature. Have a great trip.

Printmaking by the Ocean said...

Great news on your test results, Rayna! And, I loved your friend Yvette's prints--I have been almost going to Ron's classes several times (here and in New Mexico), and now, I may have to really do it!

Del said...

Good news about the test. So wonderful to not have to think about the prep for two whole years, isn't it?

In SCalifornia the bear sightings are frequently in backyard Jacuzzis! No Jacuzzi here and no bears, just coyotes.

Del said...

Beautiful new header!

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