Sunday, May 16, 2010

sewing room Saturday

 Thanks to all of you who supplied the names of those patterns from the antique quilts: brain is on vacation. While I was cleaning up the sewing room, dusting the sewing machine and sewing some strips, I found another bag of orphan antique blocks. Sigh... there are many of these.

Two more of these but not with the corners.  And zillions of those arrowhead-shaped cutouts in ugly fabrics.
There are numerous of this particularly egregious block.  I will lose no time in cutting them up and making them unrecognizeable.  I already tackled the first one, which was pink and green in this same pattern.

 It's looking better but not good enough.  It has a way to go before it looks like something else.
 Then there is this remnant of a hexagon quilt.  Nice selection of 30's fabrics.
It was sewn by machine - quite poorly, I was happy to see.

 I spent most of the day doing this stuff while I waited for Jane and her friend Mike to slog their way through the traffic between Connecticut and New Jersey.

Worth the wait!   We sat on the deck, had tea and cake and (she got to see my woods in person and even heard the wild turkeys barking, although they never did show their beaks)
Don't we look happy to see each other?  We're working on another date for me to teach in Grand Junction in 2011.
After Jane told me that she and Mike had ironed 300 yds of fabric for a church banner project, I suggested she buy a mangle.  If anybody has one to sell, let me know and I'll pass the info along to Jane.

On the subject of teaching - I will be in Bethesda, MD for a family event the weekend of Nov 12-14. If anybody wants to organize a workshop while I am already there, I'll be happy to stay for two or three more days and let my husband get a ride home - LOL.  E-mail me for a list of current workshops.

Ditto for Chicago first weekend in March 2011.  The other Illinois guilds meet later in the month so the schedule doesn't work, but if you want a workshop while I'm in the area let me know.

Huh?  My camera clicked all by itself and caught this lonely chair.  Waiting for Elijah?  Ilove the way the shadow of the roof leaves its mark in color on the chair.  It was very beautiful and peaceful out there today.  Tomorrow, I sleep late!


Connie Rose said...

I love that stripey piece...but I'm missing your fabulous printed fabrics! Glad you had a good time with Jane. Have a great Sunday! XO

pirate said...

Oh! I like the orphan blocks made with the HSTs!

I have a ton of HST leftover from a project and think I will make some of those blocks to use them up. Mine may have a different fabric in the middle, as I might not have any of the HST fabric available.

Thanks for sharing your blocks!

Barbara said...

We definitely must meet up while you are in Bethesda. Let me know if a workshop materializes!

Sandra said...

Don't know if you are still interested in a mangle but I believe Judy Smith QA listmom has 2 she listed last month.
And maybe I'll be able to get to Grand Junction next year for your class. I'm only about 2 hours away in Utah.

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