Saturday, May 15, 2010

week's end

Which, of course, is different from weekend.  When I was in college, the weekend started after Saturday morning classes were over.  Yes, Saturday morning classes!  My kids never took a Saturday class - and in fact, I'm not sure the colleges even had them.  They never took Friday classes, either: the weekend started on Thursday night. Not a bad idea, actually.

My week came to a screaming halt with about 4 hours of sleep Thursday night. I will skip the event (or non-events, as the case may be) of Friday morning and fast forward to Friday evening when I realized the comforter was still in the dryer as my husband headed for bed.  The folding door on the linen closet came off the track as I was opening it to find an alternative quilt and I shall have to hire a handyman to put it back.  But I digress.

Quilts.  I have many antique quilts in the linen closet and needed to find one that wasn't too precious. This one was a candidate, but I never finished restoring all the churn dashes (is that what they are?) and the fuzz or batting or whatever is coming out.  So instead, I hung it on the railing upstairs. Do you think I will ever finish restoring it?  I used to love doing that to orphan antiques.

This one was on the guest bed but is in too good condition to actually USE.  1930's, hand quilted, mint condition. I forget what this pattern is called, but it doesn't matter.

Finally settled on this summer-weight Log Cabin which I also started to repair but is in better condition than the first one.
It is on the bed, where I am headed -- along with the heavier comforter that by now should be dry.

Tomorrow, Jane Aldoretta is paying me a surprise visit -- how exciting! Well, technically it is not a surprise since I got a text message from her tonight saying she is in CT and wants to see me before she heads back to Colorado.  But it was a surprise to me that she is here.  Last time she was in CT visiting family, she and her mother came to the studio and played.  This time, she won't even be able to step foot into this sewing room. What a mess.


Libby Fife said...

Have a good "surprise" visit. Hey, by the by, the one pattern is a ShooFly pattern and the other is a Dresden plate variation (fan variation). All three would be wonderful to use:)

Janet said...

Hi Rayna!! Have a wonderful "surprise" visit with your friend!! I had a visitor, too... one of my friends from Okinawa was in town!! What fun!! Dinner at Lennie's, of course... and a tour of the shop!

Have a wonderful week's end!

Beverly said...

Have fun with Jane, say hi to her for me!

Barbara said...

Looks like you have a great collection of usable quilts! Isn't that always the way -- when you wash the bed linens and remember they are still sitting in the washer when it's bedtime?!

Sue Erdreich said...

Dresden plate? (the pattern for the old quilt in the guest room).

Rayna said...

Dresden Plate. Thanks, Sue.

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