Tuesday, December 27, 2011

art and happiness in Chelsea

I don't usually take an art-in-the-city day during the week but one day last week was an exception.  Went in with  a friend and we met another friend in Chelsea for lunch and some gallery-hopping.  We ate in a small Italian restaurant with house-made pasta and great salads, and when we saw these words on the menu we thought they were kidding.  They weren't.  Just to make the point, they posted this sign. Fortunately, none of these beverages is ever on my to-order list; I stay away from them all like the plague

After lunch, we stopped at the sundram tagore gallery at 547 27th St.  The spiritual art by Sohan Qadri blew us all away with its meditative rhythm, texture, and saturated quality of dye on paper.  These pictures do not begin to do the work justice. The exhibit is up till January 7 and you should go if you have a chance.

In the same building, an exhbit of Miriam Schapiro's work.  Feminist, ahead of her time, and insistent on using cloth and mother media in her work. she collaborated with Judy Chicago and other artists at California Institute of the Arts to create iconic feminist art in the early 1970's

After that, we stopped to see a Joan Mitchell exhibit.  I admire the energy in her work but it does not speak to me.  

 This plywood piece by another aritst, however, made me smile.


And I was completely crazy about Gordon Moore's work at the Betty Cunningham Gallery and would have bought this drawing on photo-emulsion paper if it had not already been sold.

This painting was huge and was the favorite of all three of us who were there. 
After the galleries, we walked the High Line from 20th to 30th St, where our car was parked.  There is always something new to notice as you walk the High Line and since it was a weekday, there were not as many people.  Weekends, it si always crowded.

                   That's it for now!


Deborah Boschert said...

I always LOVE your city peeks. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

It has been way too long since I have been to NYC and so I always appreciate it when you bring me along.

Vivian Helena said...

Love the photos and links, but for some strange reason, when I click on Miriams Link it goes to my Blog Page Dashboard.... hope only my link is crossed and not going out all over.. Could you please check.. for some reason your personal email address is escaping my address book also... thanks, Happy New Year!, vivian

Margaret Cooter said...

The "no diet coke" sign surely outrages some people! Here in London there is a sandwich bar that has a "no mobile phones" sign - and they won't people who are talking on their phones. Quite right, too!

Karoda said...

I just placed Qadri's books on my wish list...find he composition and colour from gallery websites mesmerizing...I'd probably come close to fainting if I saw it in person :)

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