Thursday, December 22, 2011

true confessions

I have so many bits and strips and units leftover from both my therapy sewing and the ones I made for the book that I am overwhelmed.  It is almost 1:am and I have spent the evening sorting stuff into small piles of stuff that feels related, at least for now.  To the uninitiated, it looks like a mess -- but it looks very neatly categorized to me.

small pieces-in-process with bits that might work, pinned to them. This one is a redone UFO vintage block. Now, what?
very bright units.  I know I will need to sew some strips to rest the eye before I start playing with them.

bits with a more contemporary feel

light or muted strip sets in neutrals.  I have some ideas - these are good starting points.
Auditions around a sewed-together module. Now it needs some slow design - this is too much the same and too chaotic.

With that, I leave everything as is till tomorrow night.  In the morning, another jaunt to the city -- this time, for lunch and some galleries in Chelsea.  I hope it stops raining.

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Cathy Bargar said...

Here's my "true confession" about my process with strip sewing and block-making: I usually start because my sewing area is a mess, and so I so-called clean up by sewing the bits together more or less randomly. This generates ever-smaller pieces and scraps, which I then have to sew together. When I'm down to pieces too small to sew together (less than 1" square), *usually* I manage to throw them out. Unless they are commercial batiks, solids, or hand-dyed that are the same on both sides, in which case I carefully dump them into the box I save to someday make into fabric lace or whatever it's called when you sprinkle them around on wash-away fusible backing and sew heavily over them. Which, of course, I never get around to doing...

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