Sunday, December 18, 2011

at the Brooklyn Museum

So - another trip to my favorite boro to bring Emma her chanukah gift before she leaves for Wisconsin for the Christmas holiday.  But first, a stop at the venerable and underrated Brooklyn Museum.

There were several interesting exhibits there, including this amazing piece of art.

 There were two quilts which made me wonder what the curator was thinking and why these qualify as art.
  For me, the stunner was the Eva Hesse exhibit.  I know her fiber/sculpture work but did not know she had been a painter.  The exhibit was of her self-portraits, along with some group pieces and since it was ok to take photos, I took some of my favorites.

After the museum, over to see Emma and give her two Elmos - one little one that does nothing and a bigger one who sings.  Guess which one she prefers.
  Here she is on her mother's iPhone, telling her friend Neve about the Elmos she just got. LOL
The day was topped off by an encounter with a bunch of Occupy Wall Street guys who had just gotten on the subway with their backpacks.  One had biked all the way from Oregon; another had come up from Florida.  They had left the park and were hoping to get a hot shower somewhere.  We had a really good conversation and I hope they got settled and warm somewhere tonight.

All in all, another good day in New York.


Terry Grant said...

Have you seen the guy who voices Elmo? I saw him on the Daily Show--not what you expect! But he is very charming, especially when talking in Elmo's voice.

Both my grandchildren adore Elmo and Sofia has a Spanish speaking Elmo. Emma is adorable!

Rayna said...

Oh, a Spanish speaking Elmo! I have to find one for Emma. She is growing up bilingual.

I know Kevin (the voice) is not what you would expect- I have heard him being interviewed on NPR. What a guy!

Cathy Bargar said...

Emma looks so happy with her Elmos! (Elmi? Elmae?) No surprise, Sylvia is also a huge Elmo fan. Personally, I am not a fan of the Elmo speech - I know I may be the only person alive who still feels this way, but I dislike toys & characters that model bad speech habits. (I know, I must be a terrible fuddy-duddy buzzkill, but there it is!) But I know that the kids love him.

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