Monday, December 12, 2011

striking while the iron is hot

In a matter of speaking.  Trying to get this posted before I lose my internet connection; I am in a place tonight with no internet and I've happily connected to a network in a nearby café which is still open, but who knows for how long?

A quick(?) recap of my weekend.  The Gillman B&B had a guest over the weekend.  Marni Goldshlag crashed here unexpeedly on Satunday and Sunday nights because she had to drive north, unfortunately, for a family funeral.  Too busy talking and laughing to remember to take a picture, alas -- but it was a joy to see her and it was great to catch up since we last saw each other, about 3 years ago.

While Marni was with her family on Sunday, I headed in to New York (what, again??) with one of my other friends -- a spur of the moment decision.  Checking the Sunday Times for things to do, I found a klezmer concert -Yiddish poetry set to music: fiddles, guitar, accordian, mandolin --  at the Museum at Eldridge Street and we hot-footed it into the Lower East Side

Once an elegant synagogue among many in the thriving Eastern Jewish community at the turn of the (last) century, the synagogue opened in 1887 but in recent years had fallen into disuse and disrepair.  Now restored to its original beauty (with pews from a church and a rose window designed by Kiki Smith), it is a gorgeous space.
The concert was a delight and afterwards, we headed to the iconic Katz's delicatessen.  Here I am with my pastrami on rye.  Sandwich was so big I could eat only half last night  The rest was today's lunch.
Today was rather mundane.  It was soup weather, so of course, whatever was in he fridge and he dried bean jars.
 However, late in he day I decided to take my own advice (sort of) and slice up a bunch of fabric I printed and will neve use as-is.  I started cutting them into 2-1/2" strips, between 20"-30" (sometimes more, sometimes less and I am thinking about what comes next when I have cut a million of these (by hand).
So, here I am in another location and although I am wired, I need to go to sleep.  Ta ta for now.


Eva said...

Love these fabrics already now!

Bonnie Samuel said...

Ooooooh, that corn beef sandwich is so yummy looking. Wish I lived closer to Katz', but great to go there when I visited my son in NY. Next time will also visited the Eldridge St. Museum - looks very interesting.

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