Sunday, July 14, 2013

Aha - the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!

We had glorious weather for quilt show day -- air was cool, sun was hot, and the result was, so they say -- the best weather they have ever had for the show.  The sun was so strong that it was really difficult for me to get good pictures, but I'll post some anyway.

This is a charming town that actually reminded me a bit of a movie set.  I took this later in the day, when the sun was not so strong - but the quilts had already come down.  Imagine quilts along all these storefronts!
Here is the Stitchin Post, hung with quilts.  How did they get them all up there???

The Teachers' Tent was really a great place to be. It was shady and those of us signing books were able to meet a lot of the quilters and talk to them.  Fun.  I took some not-great pictures, but here they are anyway.  

Laura Wasilowski next to her much-more-vibrant-than-it-looks here, quilt.

I think this is by Tonye Phillips - don't you love the way she puts all those patterns together. 

You couldn't mistake this for anyone but Sue Spargo's.  Her wool quilts are amazing and no picture can do them justice.

Another of Tonye Phillips' pieces.  Fun!

This amazing piece is by Kathy Doughty, who lives in Australia and makes highly interesting and vivid quilts.  She gave a talk on Thursday night about the history of Aussie quilts and it was great!

There were a couple of pieces that caught my eye as I walked around town.  This is one.

And this is another.

In my next post, some of the modern quilts on exhibit that had been at QuiltCon.


Judy said...

As the saying goes: it NEVER rains on Quilt Show day! Lovely pics.


Rayna said...

Apparently, it rained last year and they had to frantically rush to take the quilts down early.

quilthexle said...

Looks like you had a REALLY good time !! One day ....

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