Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Monday in Sisters

 First day, first class, which was Carve Original Stamps/Print Original Fabric.  An enthusiastic group of artists (most of whom claimed never to have done this before) had so much fun carving that they didn't want to stop and print.    Nevertheless, the made the sacrifice and printed a remarkable amount of fabric for the first day.  Just a few examples...

Tonight Jean Wells Keenan and her adorable husband John hosted all of the teachers at their home for a fabulous dinner. This picture doesn't begin to do justice to the lavish spread -- 

nor can this picture begin to convey the slice of heaven we looked out on as we ate.

It was good to meet colleagues I had not met before and of course, to see old buddies!
Lynn Koolish (my editor at C&T) was here to teach dyeing, and Laura Wasilowski is teaching several different classes in her inimitable style.  Notice how color-coordinated Lynn is:-)).

And you can tell from this photo what a terrible time Rosalie Dace and I are having this week. 

We're looking forward to another day in our classrooms and more unwinding time tomorrow evening.
It sure felt good to sit down and put our feet up after having been on them all day.


Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

how fabulous! enjoy!!

Unknown said...

All those famous people...whoopsy doo! It must be like drinking inspiration with every gulp of air. Lucky lucky you.

Eva said...

What material was used for the carving? The prints are beautiful! My fav is the 4-fold blossom in red. And everyone looks so happy. Hooray!

Judy said...

Sorry you're not having a good time. LOL


Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

This looks like a fabulous adventure!!!

June said...

Glad you are enjoying the Northwest -- and the prints are very exciting. The photos are terrific. Thanks.

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