Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunday in Sisters

Sitting outside and relaxing for a while this morning -- and not too far from the patio -- 
at first I thought I was seeing things,but soon realized this was no hallucination.  I took a closer look.
Mostly, they were chomping away, but I think this guy was expecting me to feed him. Fat chance.

Mid afternoon...
Back on the patio, relaxing after a lovely lunch and some errands.  Rosalie Dace and I were picked up and chauffered by a delightful employee of The Stitchin' Post, Jill, who took us over to the Clearwater Gallery, where Jean has an exhibit up.  The gallery is also a wine bar/restaurant, which is a great idea.  We sat outside and had paninis and a highly original soup: kale, sausage, and sweet potato chowder.  I really enjoyed it!  (at it all  before I could take a picture - LOL).  
Jean and Valori were greeting people, and behind them was an exhibit of student work from Jean's classes.

On our way out after lunch, Rosalie pointed out this interesting tree, which she referred to as a "weeping something or other."  Exactly.  A name that can come in very handy from time to time.
We headed over to the Stitchin' Post - a shop to die for.  It was pretty busy, so Rosalie picked up some supplies and we left without really having the luxury of browsing.  But I had to take some photos; even the samples on the walls are gorgeous.  And I think they sell every quilt book in print that is worth having.

A feast for the eyes, no matter what kind of quilter you are.  I hope to get back here some day with an empty suitcase.

Tonight, dinner and a chance to get to bed early so we can be bright-eyed for tomorrow's first day of teaching.


Marianne said...

Que je vous envie , un endroit parfait!

Bonnie Miller said...

Lucky you! Please say a big hello and give a hug to Rosalie from Bonnie and Miep in New Zealand. We are still vrootling!

Eva said...

Very cute, this species of grazing cattle. Obviously just shorn. We have them, here and there, too.

Judy said...

Hope you have a great week! Nice photos. It was good to see Valori - hadn't seen her since she was 'great with child' and that dear one must be in school by now!


Marsha Cochrane said...

We have the same view of the llamas! Looking forward to your class on Thusday.

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