Saturday, July 06, 2013

on the road

With some time between flights from Portland to Redmond I've ensconced myself at a place to eat and drink  while I wait.  I have no memory of this airport, although I was here in 2008 when Spring Market was here and my first book debuted.  It's lovely, but you have to go through security again if you want to get to the shopping and plethora of restaurants.  Not doing that, but it's fine.  Although we landed at 9:30a.m. Portland time, I am on east coast time and my appetite thinks it's three hours later.

Comfort food: an interesting plate of tzaziki, feta, and hummus (all excellent) and something that purports to be tabouli but actually looks and tastes like quinoa. I am well acquainted with authentic tabouli, having made it many times in my life and can't imagine that in this hotbed of cuisine they could not find bulgur wheat. Nonetheless, I am content.

  I was up at 4:am to catch my flight from Newark but caught up with a couple of hours sleep on the plane.  The man and his 12 year old son sitting next to me on their way home asked where I was going and when I said Sisters, they fell into raptures about how beautiful and fabulous it is. The man said he had friends (or relatives, I can't remember which) arriving on Monday from Texas to go take classes.

Instead of shipping my supplies (teaching 3 diff surface design classes) I packed them into a suitcase and half of another one.  Then I freaked out when I read a TSA warning about no paints or other flammables in a suitcase: I just hope they realize that my water-based textile paints are harmless.  I will not be happy if I arrive in Redmond to find they have emptied my bag:-(.  Well, too late to worry about it now.

Signing off for the moment. Will be back at some point.

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tiedyejudy said...

Hah! I bet the restaurant where you got the tabouli was trying for a gluten-free version, ala "Forks Over Knives". I have the book, and that's the claim in the recipe. So it's PC over authenticity, I'm thinking! Hope you enjoy your trip and have wonderful classes!

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