Monday, July 15, 2013

Modern, modern, modern

This morning, before leaving Sisters, OR, Jean drove Laura Wasilowski, Amy Walsh, and me to Five Pines to look at 35 of the quilts that had been at QuiltCon.  They were hung amongst the trees and wildflowers in a beautiful setting and it was a treat to see them there.  I couldn't photograph all of them but here is an overview of what is happening in the "modern" world.

Cool, huh?

Sisters is a wonderful place to teach and a super place to take classes. Now, as I sit at SFO waiting for my Red Eye flight to Newark, I am feeling mellow and happy at having had such a good experience.
It is almost time to walk to the other end of the terminal to catch my flight (don't ask -- a two hour delay made me miss my connection out of SFO and I hope to land in Newark at 7:am.  Even more, I hope I can catch a couple of hours of sleep on the way.


Marianne said...

bon retour et merci pour ses photos de ce superbe festival et lieu d'expo.

Beatrice said...

thank you for sharing these pictures!

Bonnie Miller said...

Thank you indeed. What a great setting for a quilt display? I hope you were able to snatch a sleep on the plane. It sounds as though you had a full on time with heaps of memories to take home with you.

June said...

Many of these pieces, particularly the first one, struck me as "modern" in precisely the way art historians would use the word. I think this is the first time I've seen it used in its "academic" sense in a quilt context. Thanks.

Judy said...


Hope you made it home without anymore hitches, and that you got some great shut-eye time!


Marsha Cochrane said...

Thanks for sharing these photos Rayna, what a beautiful setting amongst the trees. I got home from Sisters last night with a contented heart and a headful of new ideas. I had a great time in your class, thank you again for inspiring me and sharing your art. Hope you arrive home safely.

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