Friday, July 12, 2013

The variety is overwhelming - day 2 of Deconstructing the Screen

So organic!
       Wish I had printed these!

Rubbing plates give a whole different feel, don't they?

This one has a very tribal feel.

Could go on and on - but this is a good sampling of  results.  All used the same process and got totally different results because their work reflected their own sensibilities and personalities.

Now, the challenge is to use these beautiful fabrics and I hope to see pictures from my students one of these days!


MariQuilts said...

Really wonderful!

deanna7trees said...

oh beautiful. love that second image.

Unknown said...

Super dooper stuff! My mouth is watering!

June said...

Gorgeous prints.

Connie Rose said...

Wow, what awesome work. I especially love the first several and the portrait.
Got your message re: alginate. Still thinking about possibly coming to the Bay Area -- so do let me know details.
Much love.

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