Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spring is coming!!

We're past the shortest day of the year and now the days have started getting longer again. If you pay attention, you can savor one more minute of daylight in the late afternoon. Makes the winter doldrums shorter...or so I tell myself. What could be more doldrum-producing than paying bills for half the day? Lots of things, I suppose. For starters, having an idea of how you want a piece of fabric to turn out and having it turn out so differently that there is no hope. THIS is why I don't start with preconceived notions! Disappointment is always the result. If you begin with no idea of where you are going, you can't miss the mark. My endlessly wrappped piece of linen went into the dye bath tonight and did not want to do what I wanted it to do. So, I re-wrapped it and discharged. Still not there - but it is in the dryer, so we'll see. Meantime, a couple of pieces of cloth I had no expectations of came out very interestingly: Tomorrow, the studio!!


Eva said...

I can see a row of angels in the first picture! And the light in it -- is it due to the photograph? It really goes with your message of the returning light. Thank you so much! Best wishes for your holydays!

KarenF said...

It reminds me of the stained glass kaliedoscopes I used to make (the view from inside!)...love it!!

TALL GIRL said...

At least you are near the dyepots, Rayna!!! I have all but designed my Quake! piece in my head. The day after the day after, hubby will resurrect the old ping pong table for a new and improved large dye painting surface. Do you suppose THAT will get me going? Me, the one who hates deadlines is staring this one right in the face!