Friday, December 19, 2008

snow day!!

Didn't you love snow days when you were a kid? I don't think we ever had them when I was growing up because everybody walked to school - no busing - you went to your neighborhood school, bundled up like Nanook of the North - hat, scarf, mittens, and those embarrassing snow pants and galoshes. My kids had snow days, though. I liked it because I had to stay home from work. We usually baked cookies. Today is a snow day. It doesn't look bad from this picture, but it is coming down so fast that I have already cleaned off both cars three times each. By the time I finished sweeping the second car, the first one needs it again. Forget it - I'm DONE. The plows are out. My husband's secretary brought him up the hill and almost had a disaster. Fortunately, there is no traffic on our dead-end condo street. No cookies today: SOUP. Snow days are soup days, too - and I used to play Stone Soup with my kids. We started with 6 cups of water and threw in took whatever random vegetables we had. Here's today's batch of stones: some peas and beans; some tomato paste. Oh, and a soup bone! I have been without bones for months but fortunately, I had bought some the other day - they make the soup rich and delicious. I keep them in my freezer. Salt, pepper, bay leaves, basil and garlic. Into the pressure cooker. I toasted some stale Italian bread and it was the perfect lunch. Between my housekeeper, DH, who happily came home early, and me - there was only a bit left at the bottom of the pot. Boo hoo. I will probably use it as the base for the next permutation. I think the Italians might call it Ribollita. With a salad, it would be a perfectly delicious dinner that is practically free! I have procrastinated the quilting thing long enough. Here I am last night, taking out stitches so I could put some other in that will probably be just as unsatisfactory. Does anybody really care? Why am I torturing myself? I am happy to have company in my Quilting Angst Network - makes me feel a lot better. But, back to the machine. I am going to post this so I'm not tempted to keep it going forever. Promise you'll check back tonight to see if I've posted again.


Unknown said...

I've said it time and again- I am the worlds foremost expert at avoiding quilting. I can design and piece with the best of 'em (or maybe not, who knows?), but I will sit on WPS for months before finally putting the needle to them. Why is that, do you s'pose?
Anyway... hang in there and just let the project tell you what it wants done.
Then again- maybe that's why I get so little quilting done... hehehehe.
Take Care!!!

Deb Hardman said...

I love snow days & What-ya-got soup!

I also don't mind tearing out if I'm unhappy about the stitches in the cloth. Sometimes I have to see it before I realize I can do something better, & I am always happier in the end.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Snow days... when I was small, we lived north of town, and had to take the bus. First day of a storm, we got to stay home while the plows worked their way up to us. Glorious! Probably why I love where we live now... stayed home and cancelled plans for 2 days to watch our storms!
BTW, I saw the hated stitch remover in your picture and shuddered... I hate ripping out!

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