Thursday, December 11, 2008

scarves sold, cakes eaten

and I'm working on the last of the to-die-for mulligatawny soup. It's 10:30 pm, cold, and raining. Effie's back in her feedsack dress because of the weather and although the scarves she is wearing don't match her dress, it's the only one she has, so please forgive the fashion gaffe. E-mail me if you want to give either one as a great gift for the holiday - only $60 - check or paypal. Shibori on the left is crepe de chine; batik on the right is chiffon. Click to get a closer look at each of them.
It's been one of those days. I stayed in, hoping to get some work done. Instead,
  • The power cord on my laptop stopped working (frayed - made in China piece of crap - this is the second one in 4 years). I have now borrowed my husband's and hope my new one comes tomorrow. It will also be a piece of crap but at least it is inexpensive, unlike the last one.
  • Our ice maker sprung a leak and water poured out from underneath the island onto our brand new oak floor. I emptied some of the ice into plastic bags and a few bags are in the freezer, the rest into a bucket & down the drain. I unplugged the ice maker, turned off all the cold water under the sink, and it still took 5 hours worth of mopping up with towels before it stopped. Of course, nobody can get here to fix it till Monday. We are having company Sat. night - guess we'll be going out for drinks and dinner.
  • I cut my finger cleaning out the pail for the ice. D.H walked past a clean bucket on the way to the garage to get the filthy one from the recycling. I cut my finger cleaning the gunk out of it - probably a piece of microscopic glass. Still throbbing.
  • I packed my quilt to send to Form not Function, printed the label, requested a Fedex pick-up on line, & put my tube outside the front door. FedEx never came. They have now promised to be here early tomorrow morning. Next time, I will phone for a pickup.
I won't even discuss some of the other disasters of the day, one of which involves a client of my husband's firm. On the positive side:
  • the skylights are not leaking
  • we have hot water in the kitchen and cold water in the bathroom sink
  • it is not snowing
  • My friend Susan sent me a fabulous recipe for cookie bars which I will bake next week.
  • My friend Susanna is coming to play in my studio tomorrow. I will take pictures.
That's about it for the good stuff - LOL. I have to go to sleep and be in the studio EARLY.


Sherryl said...

Congratulations on your Form not Function piece... I am behind on my reading.
Put Aloe on your finger... it contains a natural antibiotic.
Call your insurance company about the leak and give them a heads up just in case your new floor warps. That should be covered. (Don't ask me how I know).
Enjoy your company, have an extra glass of wine and smile because you do not need to clean up.

Margarita Korioth said...

Rayna we haven't met yet but I just wanted to drop a line and comment about your book that I just purchased at Joanne's ;went for candles and came out with your book under my arm...and yes also bought some candles,which I almost forgot.I like the playful approach.
send you regards from Florida,

Miles Johnson said...

Howdy, friend- been a while and I'm only just really catching up on all the good reads. Boy, those scarves sure don't last long, do they?
Catch ya later!!

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