Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's tempting

to go to bed without blogging. Time was, I wouldn't have dreamed of it. But I was 3 years younger and more energetic. I used all my energy tonight, quilting. Yes, putting a piece under the needle and putting in the stitches. I have been complaining about this process forever, but reading Sarah Ann Smith's article in Machine Quilting Unlimited, which magically arrived free last week, has made me think there is hope for me. I didn't hate it so much tonight, although I did manage to get up every 5 minutes and go get coffee, look in the fridge, put in my eye drops, iron where I had stitched, change threads, and check my e-mail. This made it bearable but did slow things up just a teensy bit. I keep changing thread colors but as far as the stitching, I decided the hell with it - just do it. So here is a smidgen, which I will probably not finish till next week - but at least I have started.If you click to enlarge and tilt your head, you can see the stitches. I know you don't think it's a big deal, but I feel pretty good about it. So good, I can go to sleep so I'm up early for my dentist appointment. Before I go, I was reminded this morning as I was responding to an e-mail, that I have a list of top ten best things. But I'm so tired I can only remember 3 of them. #1 a good hot shower #2 a good laugh #3 a good cup of coffee. What are your top three best things?


Gerrie said...

Oh, this is going to be nice. Based on your review, I have ordered the magazine. I have the same fear of quilting!!

#1 A bottle of great Pinot Noir
#2 A hug from a grandchild
#3 Creating a great piece of art

Eva said...

#1 trying out a new craft or technique
#2 reading comments and new postings
#3 sushi

... but on top of all: #0 kissing my husband hello after work

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Ignoring the obvious "family and friends", I would say: a good cup of coffee as I watch the sunrise, puppy kisses, walks along the beach.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I have stitchaphobia, but have been fighting it... once I get past the first session, it seems to go away!
#1 chocolate (natch!)
#2 kitties and horses
#3 the rush I get when I am working on a good project

Terry Grant said...

Maybe not my *top* three, but right up there:

1. A good night's sleep
2. A book so good I just can't put it down (the last one that comes to mind was "Extremely loud and Incredibly Close")
3. Crispy, crispy bacon

Unknown said...

Good Morning! I would have to say that quilting is not my strong suit and I tend to avoid it like the flu. I think that is why I have so many WIPs pinned to the wall. I love the design and piecing process, but I get all anxious over the quilting part, Hmmmm. Any-hoo, my Top 3 (which rightfully change on an hourly basis) are:
#1- the last couple of stitches when hand-binding a quilt.
#2- a really, really cold beer while working out in the yard.
#3 An impromptu dance with my honey in the kitchen while doing dishes.

Karen C Schoch said...

1. Time with the hubby and kids
2. Experimenting in art- techniques, supplies, materials
3. Feeling contented after a good day of work.

Thanks Rayna for reading my blog and commenting!

Anonymous said...

only three?
*hot water in the morning

*laughter with a friend, when times are tough (you know who you are )

*watching the light shift as the sun rises

Rayna said...

Well, I figured I'd start with the 3 greatest pleasures, otherwise it's too much trouble for everybody to make a long list. I hope more people will post - this is so interesting!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

Ah HA!!! You said it! "I didn't hate it so much..." YEA!!!! See, it can be fun, almost, maybe, with the right distractions.... :-)

My top three
1. hugs from my kids
2. coffee with my best friends

Beverly said...

Well, right up there for me, aside from family-
1- dark, dark, bittersweet chocolate
2- a good cup of coffee (even better with whipped cream on top)
3- joy when the serendipity of the dyes does what I'd hoped, and then some.

I'm dyeing some silk scarves this weekend, here's hoping the serendipities are listening!

Judy Alexander said...

This is a tough one......

- Spending time with my 5yr old gd
- Going on a vacation to a place I have never been to before (especially eastern europe).
- Ice cream

Roberta Ranney said...

Hi Rayna, What a nice exercise. I've enjoyed reading what floats each person's boat. Here are mine:

1. every day laughs with my husband
2. free-motion quilting until I lose all sense of time and place
3. playing with my little art quilt group, the Textile Improvisation Team (TITs)

See you in Springfield in March!

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