Wednesday, January 07, 2009

changing the subject

I've decided to forget about the Walker hanging system for the time being - it isn't that interesting. I am sitting here trying to remember what it is I have not packed and in the end, I decide it doesn't matter. I am not going to Mars. Whatever I did not bring, I can buy - or make do. Nevertheless, I have packed a suitcase with 3 weeks worth of clothes - and more. How silly of me when I know I will wear the same things over and over again, anyway. But psychologically, to have a choice feels better. I am a terrible packer. Tonight, I discovered my past looking straight at me on Facebook. A picture I don't remember ever having seen. Who took it? The old friend on whose page it showed up? When was it taken? I estimate about 20 years ago. A lifetime. In my dining room at 28 Mt. Pleasant Parkway, Livingston, NJ 07039. It must have been a holiday, since we are dressed and my good china is on the table. What was in that wine glass? And good grief, did I cook and serve all dressed up like that? What was I thinking? My mother was not much older than I am now, and I was probably about 30 lbs thinner. If I lose 30 lbs will I look that young again? Back to art. Yesterday I was in the studio. Probably a year ago, I had printed this piece of fabric.
I didn't want to cut it, so yesterday I started playing around with it. I put it on a background and replaced the keyhole with another fabric. Then I added a couple of other pieces of the same fabric. It is still in the auditioning stage; I brought it home,thinking I would work on it - but I think I'll take it with me when I leave on Friday. It still needs something.
But what?


Gerrie said...

You haven't changed much at all. I would have known it is you. If anyone wants to know about the Walker hanging method, they can just google it. I just hung my show on a similar gallery hanging system. I have photos on my blog.


Bless you - it's fine. As Gerrie said I can always google it, but to be honest, your explanation in the email was fine. I have the broad idea of what's involved, so thank you for taking the time to tell me. I could recognize you easily from the photo - I don't think you have changed that much.

Eva said...

Creative people don't age, they mature and accumulate instead. If I had the choice whom to meet, I'd probably prefer the today Rayna. And so would you, trust me!
The print is great. Maybe it is perfect the way it is now. Or -- I'm curious for further experiments!

Joanie San Chirico said...

You and Molly are adorable!

Carol Sloan said...

woo hoo!Just look at how gorgeous that young woman has become!

Connie Rose said...

Great photo, Rayna! And I like the fabric(s), too.

Rayna said...

Yes, Joanie, Molly always looked put together and so did I, back then. People used to ask if we were sisters when she was even younger. Argh. It is such a relief to go around in jeans and old shirts - this must be why I teach!

Gerrie & Annabel - thanks for letting me off the boring hook

Eva - I have certainly accumulated!

Carol - you are just too kind.

Connie - thanks!!

Karoda said...

you looked good then and you look good now! but more importantly how do you feel?

that piece of cloth is great!

Russ Little said...

You know, I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. I saw a picture of myself as a teenager in as old family album and I was stunned. Did I ever have a body that good--or have that much hair?! There's a lesson here. If I felt that insignificant and plain back then but really looked that good, then maybe I should take a look in the mirror today and tell myself just how cute I really am. Ha! We've always got more going on than we give ourselves credit for.

Judy said...

That pic is the same vintage as the other one of you that I saw on Facebook....right? Ah, you're such a cutey pie...then AND now!
and what is in that wine glass? I thought the same thing when I saw it, before I read your comment!