Tuesday, January 13, 2009

deconstructing the second day

Day two - a quickie way to finish drying the screen after the thickened dye has been put into it. Fortunately, the sun did most of the work because too many hair dryers going at once were not a good thing. There were, again, lots of wonderful fabrics that came out of this workshop - but I was busier giving individual help and did not have time to take as many pictures. However, here is a piece of in-process fabric from Rita, another student who had never worked with thickened dyes before.These were a couple of her early pulls on the screen. Demonstrating whatever I was doing, with my typical mess on the right. Actually, this is not too bad.The Evening's Entertainment That's enough of THAT. We stayed till 5 because we had left early the day before, so by the time we cleaned up and did show-and-tell, it was getting on to dinner hour. More fun! They asked what my favorite food was and of course, I said Indian food! So Marlene Glickman, who had heard about a fabulous Indian restaurant nearby, led the way for our evening's activity. Much hilarity ensued! We sat down and our waitress came over and introduced herself with I'm Ewa. Food is terrific, service is so-so, and no bartender. Right away, we hooted with laughter. I had promised Linda Dawson that I would buy her a drink to unwind her after all the stress she had gone through putting together and overseeing the workshop. So, she and I ordered Tanqueray martinis (big surprise). Ewa found somebody in the kitchen who poured the drinks and she brought them over. When we tasted them, BATHTUB Gin. We don't know what it was, but it was rotgut. We walked over to the bar, informed the kitchen worker that it was not drinkable, and asked what else he had. Beefeater. Ok. That, at least, tasted like gin. Ewa told us the owner was not in yet but that we should let him know that someone had put god-knows-what in the Tanqueray bottle. When he came in, she sent him over and we told him. He said that somebody had done the same thing with a bottle of whiskey and he would now have to investigate to see who it was, since it had happened more than once. Ewa was right about the food - it was fabulous - and wrong about the service (she was too funny and the service was great). During the meal, the owner sent over two more martinis on the house and Ewa insisted on a picture, which I have since sent to her. Linda and I couldn't let this photo opp go by, so here we are on our second round with Pat Lamb looking on in amusement. Fortunately, Pat was the driver. Marlene, Linda, Pat, and Laura look more serious at the end of the meal, as they are engaged in conversation. You can see that we did a good job on the dinner as well as the drinks. Yesterday, on the way to Naples, we hit the Chico's and Michael Kors outlets. I had to have this bag at Michael Kors. Outlet price + 25% more off and I love the color, which is totally not me. I will need another suitcase for the way home. And today, my hostess and I are off to check out the Chico's outlet near here. Oh, joy. More, later.


Eva said...

Wonderful atmosphere, it seems! And lots of fun. Your book arrived today, Rayna, I can't wait to start playing!

Susie Monday said...

Sounds like a great workshop. Hi to Linda, too! Wish I were there as Texas is a tad chilly this week, I hate to even stick my nose out the door.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Sounds like you're having a great time with a wonderful group.
And then another time - nothing.
Say Hi to Linda and Marlene and anyone else I know!
You don't need another suitcase for going home - you just learn to use 1 simple little phrase "Do you ship?" when they say yes you just buy whatever you want because usually what you save on the sales tax will almost pay for the shipping. that is, unless it is a company that has a store in the state they are shipping to. Have fun and enjoy the sunshine - although it looks like you are already having fun.

Judy said...

What fun! Ow, my head, after two martinis!! LOL
Yes, another big hello to Linda. Her package from me should be arriving any day now.
It's good to know that somebody is keeping the economy rolling along, or limping as the case may be!


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