Saturday, January 17, 2009

back on line for now

I finally sorted things out last night, wrote, and then was bumped again just as I was posting my whole song and dance to Blogger. It never got there. Sunday morning, trying to catch up. Well, I guess a small post is better than none. Pam Morris, who is hosting me, and her husband Geoff and I, are going out for breakfast. If I can throw some things in the dye pot before we leave I will be in heaven. This is the view from my room in the morning when I wake up. Paradise? I think so. Will catch up with you tonight, assuming all is well with my Internet connection. Classes are going great and I'll post some pix later.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Say Hi to Pam for me.

Eva said...

Hope you're not having stress about the internet connection! You can post it all later, your fans won't be running away.
I posted a review on your book in German Amazon. I tried to mail it, but didn't come through, so I will do it later.

Judy said...

Well, the view is awesome but I'm thinking the internet connection wasn't so great after all. Hope you are well.


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