Saturday, January 03, 2009

oh, goodness

Glad you all like the 90 day idea - I thought it would be more viable than these resolution things. Helen asked about the other five things; I'd just as soon ignore them, but here they are: 6. Pick a model: somebody ho has done hat you ant to do and follo the trail they left. (oh, good grief, my dubbleU doesn't ork. Crumbs, no doubt. Or peanut butter. 7. Create a map rite don the actions you decide to take and follo them. (ARGH) 8. Be consistent (ha ha) 9. Schedule a future action (I'd just as soon ait till I get the first one done) 10. Maintain and celebrate. See hat I mean? I give up and am going to bed. Maybe the keyboard ill be better tomorro.


Eva said...

A last I found a solution for the typing problem, one that orks. uuhat about this one? Or, better yet, v v.
No. 6: The painter Matisse. After painting so many adorable pictures, he was very ill, lying in bed; yet he found wonderful methods to create art.

Judy said...

I'll bet you were nibbling on something with sea salt in it, and a nugget got caught up under your doubleu...give it a real hard smack and see if you can't knock it to smithereeens!
I've been meaning to tell you that I like your new photo...very nice!
But, what is this new thingy that I have to do before my comment is posted: selecting a profile, etc? Is this something new with blogger or what?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the giggle, Rayna. Good luck with that doubleU problem! Oh, and I noticed that your kids don't think you're a flake anymore. What did you do to change their minds?

juanita Yeager said...

Isn't it strange that e are so into our ritten language that even hen a letter like the "w" is missing, e still kno hat the riter is trying to convey.

PaMdora said...

Very creative doubleU! I worry about about the crumbs and food that seems to slide down my keyboard since I eat a lot while reading blogs (just now ate toast).

Good luck on the 90 days and art opening!

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