Monday, January 05, 2009

couch potato

Not a tv watching one -- I don't watch tv and wouldn't own one if I lived alone. But a lazy, feet-stretched-out, tea-drinking, blog-reading couch -- well, really -- chair potato. Moi. Tonight. I am bone weary. Today, my trusty team of exhibit-hangers joined me as we adorned the gallery space in a fairly elegant office building of white shoe law firms and the like, in Summit, NJ. They have turned some of their corridors into art space, which is admirable, and this is the second time in three years that I have been invited to exhibit. This time, I declined the solo opp and offered a group exhibit. Four of us spent the morning laying out, hanging, moving, re-hanging, raising, lowering, and straightening a total of 25 pieces in 3 areas of the building. Here is Diane, perched on a stepstool, while Susan gets the next piece ready to hang. It was quite a challenge - we worked with the Walker Hanging System, which we are used to, but it can be a pain if you have not prepared for it. More and more galleries and buildings are using it, though, because they don't have to put toothpaste in the nail holes every time they take down an exhibit. I just took a few pix because every time we thought we had it, we ended up moving stuff around. And because this one isn't fuzzy; you can get an idea of the space between the pieces (NOT to beat a dead horse or anything). I will try to have something more interesting to say tomorrow (like a post-mortem of our eye doctors appointments or something equally newsworthy). But now, I am giving in and will become a bed-potato. Ta ta for now.


Sojourner Design said...

That sounds like a great venue for exhibiting... rather secure, low key but strategic.

tiedyejudy said...

Now I hope you can get some rest! Too much activity can lead to exhaustion which can sap the creative spirit... so says I!

Judy said...

How nice that they have invited you back, and that you shared the space with your group.
I love the top that Diane has on...any thoughts on how I can find out more about it?
Also those two pieces in the bottom pic are fabulous...the one on the right is especially calling my name!
Hope your eye Drs' visits go well.


Russ Little said...

I was just in Summit a couple of weeks ago en route to visit family (I probably shouldn't admit that I was so close and didn't call...sorry)--anyway, lovely little town. Is that large quilt in the photo by Judy L? It has to be. Just beautiful.

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