Saturday, January 24, 2009

words, no music

Well, no pix, anyway. I left West Palm this afternoon and drove to Boca, where I am having a reunion with my two favorite cousins on my father's side of the family. It has been exactly 13 years since all 3 of us were together, stuck in Atlanta in a major blizzard (well, black ice in Atlanta and closed airports in NY/NJ). My cousin Mimi does not have wireless, so I am unable to post pictures. But it's okay, you'll have to make do with prose. Yesterday, during my 5 minutes on-line, I e-mailed the lovely and talented Sandy Donabed, who I knew snow-birded (?) somewhere around the Palm Beaches. Lo and behold, she generously invited me to dinner at her to-die-for house where I admired her to-die-for kitchen; pictures of which you can find on her blog if you look back. Dinner was delicious, husband was charming company, and it was an altogether lovely evening. Sandy and I had met briefly in 2000 and have had a number of e-mails over the years - so this was a treat on all fronts. Tomorrow, we head towards Miami to visit more family. The weather has warmed up and that is a GOOD thing. Again, apologies for no visuals (although the only pix I have are of the interior of my mother's apartment, and who cares?). xo

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Eva said...

How nice to hear from you. My imagination and your vivid descriptions replace the pics. And once I read Sandy Donabed's view on your visit and her cooking and getting an idea of her sense of humor, I know you must have had a good time. Thank you for your wonderful comments! Your postings make my day. Now: cooking with the husband!

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