Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Blogger went to sleep

and refused to post this last night, so - a day late, here is is with another attempt. I hate that! Annabel Rainbow asked me about the Walker Hanging System and I started to explain it to her in an e-mail but realized that 1) I need to take some photos to illustrate what I am saying and 2) some other people might have questions about what it is and how it works - so that's for tomorrow (now today, of course). Don't let me forget!!! Yesterday, Kevin Womack sent me a couple of surprise package e-mails: pictures of some fabrics he has gelatin printed -- a process he just loves because it allows him to layer. Too many to post, I nevertheless asked him if I could show a few on my blog because they're so colorful! this one had some screened images on it and he went back in with gelatin, giving the piece color, texture, and transparency. This one looks as though he monoprinted first and screened afterwards. And this is just lovely and chaotic with all of its textural layers.I would like to see how Kevin uses these fabrics (Kevin - are you listening??). In fact, I would love to see what all of you do with the fabrics you print. Please send me some pictures of what you have done with your cloth - gelatin printed, or otherwise. I always feel a bit cheated when I see what you have done and then don't get to see how you have used it (or IF). I know about that. I have tons of fabrics that I have printed in one way or another and they are sitting here, waiting to be used. I have enough for ten lifetimes - but do I stop? Of course not, I print more and more. You have seen this piece before, no doubt - but because it is one piece of gelatin-printed fabric that I cut up and reorganized, I'm going to show it to you again. I am really happy with this little 12x12 piece. I was going to donate it to the SAQA auction but wasn't ready to part with it. However, I am rethinking that. Now I am going to re-post this and go read the pile of e-mails that have come into my box. That is usually my first order of the day but I wanted to get this posted. Let's hope that Blogger is up and about.


Eva said...

The more I look at this print, the more it starts talking. The tryptich on top does, then I turn my head and find dramatic aviation outside the arcades bottom right. At last I take a nap in the shadow of the red monoliths.

Anonymous said...

I am listening & I promise to send you photos... not if, but WHEN I use some of these fabrics. :-)

Judy said...

The bit of orange in Kevin's third piece is dramatic! and why is it that we'd rather print than construct the finished piece??

I like your piece.........the colors are so 'un you'!


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