Saturday, January 03, 2009

tonight it's the kew

No sooner did I dump the crumbs out from under the W than I started having trouble with the KEW/cue/_ueue. Very tempermental. Not sure if all of this is due to my switching my ISP from to or whether the computer is trying to tell me something. It was one of those days. At a late breakfast (about 11) Marty decided we needed to go to the movies to see Doubt. The movie started at noon and since I had to shower and dress, it was a bit of a rush. But worth it. If the movie is playing near you, GO! Philip Seymour Hoffman is arguably the best actor around: he is never the same twice - he truly becomes the character in whatever role he inhabits and is totally believable. Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep, but the movie is excellent. Greek lunch and then, after a brief visit to my ma, a _uick stop at Whole Foods, and another phone session with's robot and finally, a real person in the Phillipines, I couldn't tell you where the day went. Oh, I guess I just did. The stop at Whole Foods was for crackers and their famous artichoke spinach dip, preceded by a stop at Amanti Wine. Isn't this a gorgeous shop? It is owned by a woman and they have wines from $10 to $xxx.00+. I bought a lower priced wine for the opening - but it feels expensive because of the surroundings - LOL. The wine, etc. is for tomorrow's opening of new year= new yearnings, an exhibit by 12 NJ artists. Among them, Hollie Heller, Diane Savona, Judy Langille, and yrs truly (see one of the pieces below) artists' reception from 1-4 at the Watchung Arts Center 18 Stirling Rd. Watchung NJ On Monday, I am hanging another exhibit in NJ by the same 12 NJ artists in another venue. A busy month. Good thing we all have plenty of art to show. As usual, I am up past my bedtime. Pix of the exhibit tomorrow.


Sonja said...

Hello Rayna
I like all the films with Meryl Streep, she's one of my favourite actress. And I like your piece very well.
Sonja from Holland

Deb said...

Holy Crow! (not a reference to the film) This piece made me sit up and think ART for the first time in ages.It's remarkable!

I have been in a pure funk and you have snapped the Whip in a big way. Thank You!

Eva said...

Oh, this is an exiting peace! I'm following Deb's remarks! If there was a title wanted, I'd call it lamps and fences. The radiance of the bright spots is stunning.

Judy said...

Oh Gawd Rayna..........that piece is smashing!!! I love, love, love it!!

Thanks for the movie review. Both you and Gerrie give it high marks, so I will buckle and go see it. I love both PSH and MS, so why haven't I seen it already?

You are a busy lady. Make sure you get your sleep and eat right! LOL


oh, and keep up the pedicures, as I know they give you such pleasure

Denise Aumick said...

Congrats Rayna! I might have to make a road trip to see this exhibit.

Anonymous said...

If you get a chance, pick up a copy of "Ella Minnow Pea" by Mark Dunn. You'll relate _ell _ith all your missing letters. It's one of my favorite books, but people think I'm nuts when I describe it to them.
Kathy frozen in Michigan

Carol Sloan said...

Wanted to wish you a Hppy New Year Rayna! I'm loving your (my) book! We're gonna have an awesome year, aren't we?

Judy said...

Great piece. Love the purple/blackish lines and the glowing diagonal light. Congrats on the shows, sounds like a diverse group of artists. Wish I could be there.

Eva said...

piece, I meant to write.

Russ Little said...

I loved "Doubt" as well--excellent acting all around. As you pointed out, the only problem is that Meryl Steep is so Meryl Streep. Hoffman is in a different league. You should also see "Milk". It's amazing. Sean Penn didn't play a part. He seemed to become another person. There was never a single moment when I could see the actor, only the character.