Monday, July 19, 2010

blogging before breakfast

While I'm waiting for today's special of scrambled eggs with goat cheese and lemon thyme, I figured I'd get a little bit in about yesterday's class.

As usual, I was too busy teaching to take many pictures. The studio at the Greenville Arms is spacious and the class members had plenty of room to spread out and have two tables each -- a luxury when you are printing.  After the horrific storm (including hail) Sunday night, yesterday dawned much cooler and perfect for drying fabrics. 

One of my students is a printmaker who has never worked on fabric and she is doing some interesting pieces.  We'll see what develops today!

Off to class...


Eva said...

Goat cheese -- lovely. With honey!
The prints are extraordinary. Your talented students do great jobs.

Rian said...

Wonderful prints! Nice work. And the eggs sound really good.

Dianne Hricko said...

I love the printmakers piece... perhaps because I also use that "sink works" tub saver...I think it is called stones. Great color.

bonzoyl said...

Goodness! Ms Rayna! That was a day to remember! Glad it all turned out alright.

Bonnie in Ithaca