Monday, July 26, 2010

a kid grows in Brooklyn

Miss Emma - almost 6 mo., pix on my FB page.  But she was only part of the entertainment today.

I took Jessica to visit her friend Liz this afternoon. Liz is one of a kind: sharp as a tack, memory like an elephant, and has all her marbles. She is 103.

Jess and Liz have been friends for more than ten years, since Jessica lived across the hall from her on 29th St. in Manhattan.

Liz is in rehab because her substitute nurse dropped her taking her out of bed and she broke her knee.    You have to read this story about her and you ABSOLUTELY must watch the audio slide show in the article (click on amusing stories under Liz' small photo).  She has led quite a life and is a #1 amazing person.  We had a great visit with her today.  Hopefully, she will go home on Thursday.


Fulvia said...

Thanks for this great story, Rayna; I am unable to find the video but I will look for it--surely it's worth it!

queenopearls said...

Thank you Rayna! I want to be like Mrs. Goodyear when I grow up! What an inspiration and a treat to get to visit with her.
Thank you so much for sharing this brief glimpse into a magnificent woman.

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