Saturday, July 17, 2010

so here I am...

At the Greenville Arms, figuring I had better get some blobbing in before the students arrive and the evening begins.

Along the way I crossed the Rip Van Winkle bridge (built in 1933-35 for $2.4 million) heading for nearby Hudson, NY to visit Usha.

Glad she was here today - she's leaving tomorrow for multiple quilt shows - first stop, Quilt Odessey in Hershey, PA.  She lives here - in a town that has reinvented itself and oozes charm, galleries,interesting restaurants (but no Indian food), antique shops, and cool clothing stores. It seems to be thriving and is mobbed with tourists.  It's about a 2 hour drive from NY City.

Usha's store is like walking into heaven. Color everywhere!
Gorgeous scarves, bags, pillows, her fabrics, and lots of other items. What a visual treat!

I had hoped we could get out for lunch but the store was busy when I got there. So, I went out by myself and ate at
Earth Food (or some name like that) and had to take a photo of the chilled avocado and cucumber soup. It was divine.
Despite the heat and humidity, I then wandered up and down Warren St., which is the main drag.

I walked into an art gallery where the 12"x12" paintings were $1200@. Someone was seriously contemplating a purchase of one. When is the last time you sold a 12x12 for 1200 smackeroos?  Even net, not bad for that size.
Back at the Greenville Arms - I was happy to meet Cindy Ferguson in person today and spend some time chatting while we were multitasking (both on our computers).  I KNEW she looked familiar, and sure enough - we're FB friends - LOL.

Time to get ready for wine and cheese, which can't come soon enough for me.


Gerrie said...

What did you have to drink with lunch - blobbing and multi-tasting? Say hi to Cindy. She came a long way to be there.

sophie said...

That Avocado cucumber soup looks divine. It makes me want to make some--I can see chives ... do you remember what other flavors were in it?

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Soup looked yummy. Are you in Hudson? I am off for two weeks with Elin Noble at QBL wish you were going to be there too. Will I see you in San Jose?

Nina Marie said...

Hey that soup looks toooo good!! I'm quite sure they won't have anything that good at QBL this year! We'll miss you!! Have a great week!

Eva said...

These are the shops to get lost in (our the content of your purse). Thank you, India!

Sue Erdreich said...

Usha's store does look amazing! I could do some serious damage in there. :)

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