Tuesday, July 06, 2010

blogger will evict me

if I don't post.  It has been a week of errands, medical appointments, and bill paying, plus a lot of other even more boring things. YES, there are more boring things. LOL.
This morning when I went out for the newspaper, I noticed that despite the heat and drought (and the underground sprinkler system that doesn't work) the mums are starting to bloom. MUMS?? It's only July: what's wrong with this picture?
And here's another picture: you might wonder why there are FOUR - count 'em - 4 phones on the small desk in the kitchen.
Uh --a year's worth of static on the line led me to drag these up from the basement and test each one to make sure it wasn't the phone.  Today, after 500 years of paying for "line maintenance," I finally cashed in.  The phone guy showed up bright and early and found/fixed the problem with the wires.  We are now static free.  Hooray!  Do you think I need to remove the phones from the desktop?

We spent the afternoon at the V.A. hospital, where Marty has a  primary care physician.  He (the doctor) is adorable (that counts for a lot), gave us his cell phone number (also counts for a lot) and spent at least an hour with us today (jackpot!) None of this 15 minutes, "next patient" business at the V.A.  OTOH - you can sometimes wait and wait and wait.  But today wasn't bad -- in at 1:30, out by 3:45, including lab work and x-ray.  I'm getting kind of fond of the place.

Long day, capped with martinis, ribs, and a stop for Haagen Dazs on the way home.

I did manage a day in the studio last week but when I got home, the housekeeper had invaded my sewing room and neatened it up. Horrors!! I normally don't let her in there but since I wasn't home, she couldn't resist. So the floor was vacuumed and clean and everything else was piled on the tables.  I spent last night removing the offending items and putting the mess back where it belonged.  Now, at last, there is some horizontal surface visible.
So, I am caught up - sort of.  Time to go have some of that ice cream!


Del said...

BAD housekeeper! But at least the floor is vacuumed and you didn't have to do it! However, having to put things back in place when you weren't planning on having to do it is sometimes toooo much. I guess I feel it is a toss up.

Libby Fife said...

There isn't much that ice cream won't help-even a "straightened up" studio and multiple phone situations.

Diane Wright said...

If my housekeeper had gotten to my studio...horrors...I'm pretty sure I would have passed on the Hagen Daz and gone straight for the martini!

Eva said...

This reminds me of the way my beloved J sometimes messes up my "toys", as he calls them. Well, since I let him do so, I'm not getting suffocated in stuff any more as I used to. And I admire his ability to make the place look nice within half an hour. But someone hiding things and creating new structures makes me a little paranoid.

Rian said...

Long day, capped with martinis, ribs, and a stop for Haagen Dazs on the way home.

I like your style.

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