Saturday, July 24, 2010

the sun came out

and with it, the heat and mugginess.  But this morning, despite the early heat, I ate breakfast and read the papers on the deck while I looked at the scene now in the header of this blog. Ahhhhh - almost as good as being on vacation.
My printer ran out of toner this afternoon and I hot-footed it around the corner to Staples to replace it.  No luck: they were out of the one I needed, as were the two stores in the towns on either side of me. I was putting the finishing touches on a piece and needed to make some Thermofax screens, so I used my ink jet printer and put it on the copy machine. - here I come.
In the meantime, I think this will make a nice 12x12 if I ever get it stitched. I printed the background one night last week and it cried out for this particular image, made from a photo I took 4 or 5 years ago in Philadelphia.  This was one of the wonderful images on the wall of the building that bordered the parking lot across from the B&B where we used to stay.

Here is another piece where I used the same image, along with some others.  This hangs in my studio now.
 I suppose we all find ourselves drawn to the same images or types of images/designs/marks over and over again.  The question is why?  Why one particular shape, species, genre, image over another?  What is it that attracts/bonds and connects for one person and not for another?  Some things to ponder.

Oh, no!!!  my favorite blogs and websites have disappeared from the sidebar.   I have to recreate a list. Stay tuned.


elle said...

What a lovely first thing in the morning treat. I'm trying for that very look but I think the weeds need to go! Maybe ferns? I think I need to start a list to identify a few of my favorite images. Happy day!

Unknown said...

Both pieces are wonderful.

I find myself sitting outside in the mornings, too, with my camera and coffee... if you stay still, you almost don't feel the humidity. ;)

Unknown said...

This looks just like the view off my back porch and I live in Texas!

Unknown said...

I'd be outside too if I had a view like that! I do have vignette views of the mountains, that is when the neighbors prune their trees. Love both of the pieces! and I'm fond of using the same imagery in numerous pieces, maybe it's a series or just exploring ways of incorporating . . .

Libby Fife said...

The new template and photo look good:)

I don't know what draws me to some images and not others but it is a powerful reaction, I can say that much. My current theory is that it has to do with being a mix of a visual and verbal type of person. Sort that out:)

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