Saturday, July 24, 2010

New blogger template - bleh

I couldn't leave well enough alone, could I?  Just wasted an hour playing around because I wanted to just change my blog header. Due to the gloomy rain we've had and the tornado warning tonight, I changed the color scheme and header in honor of the weather. It's temporary (whatever that means).

In the absence of anything brilliant or creative going on,
Terry's trick is to walk around her back yard with a camera till she finds something interesting to photograph.  Del's trick is to post photos from a few years ago that we haven't seen.
My trick is usually food-related or a picture of my revolting mess in the sewing room.  But I'm fresh out of those, so here is my latest trick...borrowed from my daughter's FB page.
 I have a new Kindle.  I downloaded a book before I left for Greenville, figuring to read while I was away.  But the main little square button that does everything cracked in half when I touched it.  I called Amazon/Kindle, told them the problem, and it is evidently quite common because that is one of the things that even after a year they will replace. They can't replace the button but they can send you a new kindle and you just have to return the old one with a pre-paid UPS label you can print out.

In the meantime, I left the Kindle at home with the downloaded book on it - and while I wandered around Hudson, I found the very book, "The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit," by Lucette Lagnado, in hard cover on sale for $5.00 (brand new). A memoir of an Egyptian Jewish family forced to leave Egypt. Read the whole book before I got home.

I also bought "The Dogs of Babel" ($2 on sale) by Carolyn Parkhurst.  A very good read.

Now I'm ready for something else. But I must say I will never prefer an e-book over the real thing -- especially with buttons that break.


Cécile said...

I love the new color scheme and header, very restfull to the eyes! Whenever someone tries to convince me of the advantage of e-books, I answer: "try reading an e-book in the bath tub..." for me nothing beats the good old paperback.

Eva said...

What do you do with the books after finishing them? Make paper quilts?
(somehow I find it a sacrilege to dump them)

Bonnie said...

I donate our used books to the library. They have quite the used book sale a couple times a year.

Karoda said...

i've got my heels dug in and i'm not budging on getting a kindle...and believe it or not i still have land line phones...the one in the kitchen with a chord even!

Rayna said...

The kindle was a gift from Marty's kids to him because you can make the print big, but he has not really used it a lot.

We still have one land-line phone - you have to have one if the power goes out or you have no phone.

Beverly said...

Emma is getting so big and cute!!

I love your new blog header- but then I'm a sucker for anything green, it's so nice and restful.

It was great talking to you earlier today. My pieces are steaming, I'll be holding my breath until after they are washed.

Sandy said...

The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon- I couldn't put it down! And it was a real book. Sorry about your Kindle- same thing happened to my laptop and somehow I got the new one in two days- couldn't believe they can do that when I send a payment on a bill that doesn't arrive for 2 weeks!

Emma is adorable, I know you are enjoying her!

Linda Dunn said...

New blog layout's fine, and the baby's beautiful. Two books I bought for my mom have got me in their grip: The Orchid Thief (old) and Pearl Buck in China (new). Both subjects I have no interest in, yet the first page of each grabbed me and won't let go. How do writers do that? O yes, and I second the motion on "The Amazing Adventures...." tho' that took a little longer to get in to.

Barbara said...

I have become an e-book convert. I'm in love with my iPad.

Great picture of two generations of your family. I can't believe how that baby is growing up!

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