Monday, December 20, 2010

midnight post

Well, not exactly - but almost.  I had an appointment this afternoon that took me past Trader Joe's and I had to stop.  I don't know what I bought - just random things like goat cheese and pot stickers, but it added up.  Thursday afternoon there is a pot-luck get together at the studio next door to ours from 1-3 so I figured I would roll a log of goat cheese in crushed pecans and cranberries and bring it in with some crackers.  Hilary served that at her house a couple of weeks ago and Marty, who claims not to like goat cheese, demolished half of it all by himself - leaving almost nothing for the rest of us.  Harumph!

This came back in the mail today and I have to repack it and send it to West Bloomfield, MI with a few other pieces, where they will all be in a show. It is really called "I Walked My Feet Off Looking for a Place to Live." but since that is too long to go on a sign, the short name is "Dwellings."  it was made for an invitational in 2003.  Where did the time go?

I have two more pieces to face - one small one to sew down and one large one to sew it onto and then sew on. These need to go out tomorrow late afternon. Hmmm... work cut out for me.  At least I paid all the bills this morning, so that chore is done and I might have the luxury of time to sew.

The lovely masala tea I made myself tonight (cinnamon stick, ginger root, cardamom pods, black pepper) is not keeping me awake and anyway, I am turning into a pumpkin. 


Del said...

i love that one. It screams New York City to me. Where were you looking for a place to live? I'm sending good thoughts for completion of the quilts that need to be completed.

Marianne said...

Dans cet hiver si froid quel beau quilt avec ces couleurs qui nous réchauffent, quel dynamisme.
Je profite pour vous souhaiter de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année et que 2011 soit rempli de bonnes choses, que la santé, la joie et la créativité soit au rendez vous.

Eva said...

Just like Del, I see this as a townscape with glass facades reflecting the sky. A wonderful piece again!
Hm, goat cheese. Had some this morning with apple concentrate (no sugar added, pitch black). So great with the cheese.

saraz said...

I made that same tea last night for my husband who is coming down with a cold. Great stuff that tea!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

love the quilt Rayna! fabulous!

Karen Minturn Brown said...

Where are they going in West Bloomfield? I'm close, and would like to see them.