Saturday, December 18, 2010

for Del

Tonight's blog post is dedicated to my good friend Del Thomas, who keeps me motivated to post, even when it is 11:30 at night and my brain is foggy from overuse l-- or perhaps underuse.  I told her earlier tonight that my ilfe is so boring that sometimes I can't find anything to say other than "this was one of the most boring Saturdays I have spent in years."  Perhaps if I were Montaigne, now hailed as the father of all bloggers in the NY Times I could get away with it.  But I can't get away with very much. This will be a post full of non-sequitors.

I once attended a workshop for artists sponsored by the NJ Council on the arts. It was a few years ago, but the thing that remains with me is this: artists should never do laundry during the day.  But when you have to stay up till midnight till the stuff comes out of the dryer so you can fold it while it is warm, that advice doesn't really go over very well.   Fifteen more minutes till I can fold the laundry.

Hooray that the senate repealed the Don't Ask/Don't Tell act.  Too long in coming, but thank goodness one step more toward equality in the sexual orientation department.  Now, all they need to do is pass the Dream Act and they can go on vacation.  Fingers x'd on that one.

I came across an envelope full of old photos from my mother's house today and there was an album of a cruise my parents took on the S.S. Nassau with two other couples in January 1960.  They were, in these pictures, the same age as my eldest child.  Good grief! 
Then I found this one in a different envelope: Little Rayna, 3 or 4 days old. 

Emma is 10 months old today - I will go see her tomorrow.
 Told you this was non-sequitor.  My final picture makes me almost as happy as  the one above. My new ice machine is much quieter than its predecessor and I can hardly make a dent in the mountains of ice it produces.  The cubes are lovely but I can't imagine where these colors are coming from.
  Midnight!! The laundry is done, and so am I.   G'night, Del.


Quiet Quilter said...

It's lovely to have a friend like your Del who will "tell it like it is" and get you moving again...Good for her,,,and you! Keep up the posts, I enjoy them.

Karoda said...

I became teary eyed at the thought of you discovering the old photographs. In my family I'm the keeper of the old photographs and lately I've been asking myself why I've always and continue to be drawn to the historical versus the current or futuristic. Even when I thought of myself as young and hip I was drawn more to the yesterdays of time.

Bonnie said...

Even as a newborn you had mountains of hair. Love that you take us for walks down memory lane.

Eva said...

What a boring posting. Boring pictures, boring ice cube photograph. OMG, what is boring about your life? Keep posting, I'm begging on my knees!

Juanita Yeager said...

I didn't find your pictures boring especially not the one of the ice cubes. Actually' I was lusting to have a glass full in a drink, They look like the kind that "chew", which I love doing but try not to while in the company of others.

Del said...

GOOD post, Rayna! The photos are lovely - not only do you have lots of hair, but your mouth is open. Looks a bit like a yawn x'd with a smile. And look at Emma! How do they grow so fast? Before we know it she will be in school and then....! Thanks for sharing your grandgirl, I always appreciate it. You don't have to post paragraphs every day - just a line or two so we know you are still out there in cyberspace - somewhere. And I'll applaud with you on the demise of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". It has been such a blot on our Freedom - it should never have been implemented to begin with. Love, Del
I love your secret word 'nobkscal'!

Judy said...

Emma and the ice machine! Indeed: you are a bit daft! LOL She is adorable Rayna, and i hope you had a wonderful visit.
Our Charlie was 3 weeks old yesterday and we had the honorable experience of babysitting for him for two whole hours while his parents ventured across the street to a neighborhood party! Suffice it to say that we all survived! According to the books: he was due today! So is he three weeks old or three weeks early?????? LOL


Gerrie said...

I am always so nostalgic when I see old photos and wonder what happened to all the photos from my family.

Susan Ettl said...

Love your baby picture and the picture of your parents. In CA until tomorrow evening.

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