Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the plows are back

The plow is outside my house and sounds as though he's doing the driveway.  I'm not looking.  I de-iced my own drive this morning with my trusty box of kosher salt.  I keep one in the garage for emergencies like this one.  Why did I want to de-ice the driveway? So I could get across the street.

 I will spare you the ordeal of this woman in her seventh decade out with a broom and a shovel, exhuming her buried car this morning.  The plow came by about 3:am and cleared an opening in my driveway.  So after I finished moving enough snow to get into my car across the street (see yesterday's picture), I had a chance to test my Subaru Outback's all-wheel drive. Passed with flying colors.  Up and over the pile of snow behind me and into the street.  But oh, dear - I couldn't get into the driveway because the opening they cleared was narrower than the car.

Just then, the plowing supervisor came by and I flagged him down and told him my dilemma.  The shovel and bobcat crew were home asleep but I couldn't go back into the mountain of snow I had just gotten out of and I couldn't go into the driveway and couldn't leave my car on the street.
He very nicely plowed out the parking area enough for two cars, so I am back there until they clear my drive.  Phew!   32" of snow, folks!  The rest of the day I spent indoors. 
Brain is shutting down, so tonight, instead of thinking, I was just perusing  the freecycle lists that came in today and then checked Craigslist to see what was on offer. Very tempting.

offered on freecycle & free on craigslist
musical candy dish
older desk chair
walk away the pounds video
car tire
hamster cage
broken pallets
pair of crutches for person 5'2"
yomega strobe yo yo
plastic fake turtle

 tarps to protect chickens from wind

For Sale on craigslist
Doorway chin-up bar
Stripper Pole

LOL. G'night.


Gerrie said...

What a day!!

Eva said...

Drive kosherly!

Eva said...

...and I wish you and your family a very, very happy New Year and all your dreams to come true.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Happy Happy New Year. Kick back and enjoy the quiet the snow requires.

Ted O said...

Stripper Pole!?!

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