Sunday, December 19, 2010

oh, the pressure...

Here's my brief, pictureless blog post just for the record, tonight.

Tjaps: all the copper ones and most of the wood ones sold 1-2-3.  The copper ones went out yesterday and the wood ones will be going out by the end of the week; I'm out of small boxes and need to get some more.

As I continue to clean out, I may offer some other items -- possibly some of my early quilts from the archives.  

Sandydee is always posting her horrorscopes but I can't find any that make sense for me.
The only one that is ever on target is in the town newspaper, which comes out once a week.  It's pretty much the only thing worth reading in the paper and it is dead-on every time.

This one is so accurate, it's scary.  I sent this to another member of my family who is a Scorpio and is going through a very rough patch -- we both hope this is right!  
SCORPIO, things are a bit rocky at home but you are a survivor. Just wait out this rough patch and you will find that things return to normal in no time at all.
Of course, it doesn't say how long this rough patch will last...but hopefully the new year will bring an
end to it!

Marty does a word game in the newspaper every morning: one where they give you a word and you have to see how many words you can get out of it. Well, there is no book of puzzles like that (yes, I looked) but there is an on-line word-in-a-word game that is the same thing. I went looking to make a list of word challenges for Marty and instead, got sucked into playing the damn game.  I need to do this when I am more alert -- not at midnight.

Try this word on for size - see how many you can get out of it:  BROADCASTING.

I finished quilting my unfinished piece and trimmed it so it is reasonably rectangular.  It has to go out with three other pieces by Tuesday so I guess I'll be burning the midnight oil.  But not tonight.


Del said...

What is the URL for your game? I still do Letter Linker, but I have been doing it for a century or so and haven't improved one bit. What does that say about my brain!
Glad you finished up one quilt. Hope tomorrow is a better day.
I like your word "alsinpre".

Bonnie said...

There are some iPhone apps that do that word find thing (although they have a time limit). One free one I like is called WordWarp.

wlstarn said...

Marty might also like Bookworm. there are several versions on the web, some of which work better than others. I have not sprung for the deluxe edition, as the regular one is addictive enough. Not to brag (lol) but I made it beyond Supreme Archivist to Wordhoarder!

Vivian Helena said...

I like that word game, "broadcasting", pretty good is there a computer one for it.. although I should also be in the studio, but some days, it is better to be some what brainless.
You are doing what I should be doing, and am also a Scorpio.. has to get brighter!

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