Tuesday, December 07, 2010


First, I sent a scarf off to Australia this morning and contributed 50% (including the postage) to Cycle for Survival. Great way to start the day! I also sent off my quilt to Form Not Function and made a couple of phone calls I have been putting off. That was good.

 Then, off to the doctor with Marty this afternoon for his 6 month checkup.  On the way home, we hit some heavy snow flurries but the further north we went, the sunnier it got.  Very random - but I'm not complaining. Waiting for me at the front door was a carton I've been waiting for.  25 bags of Costa Rican coffee from Cafe Britt.  An indulgence - yes.  A necessity -absolutely!   Five different dark roast coffees, five bags each.  The last time I ordered 20 bags was 6 months ago, so I know this should last me.  Happiness is not worrying about whether you are going to run out of coffee.

Happiness is also about getting rid of STUFF. (de-accessioning, if you are a museum). We won't discuss whether I live in a museum, but I've got a box of wood printing blocks from India and Afghanistan, plus some copper tjaps.  I've put some of the wood blocks up on my page at the top of the sidebar. E-mail me if you want any of them.

Meantime, my left pinky finger aches so I have to stop typing. 'nite.

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Gerrie said...

I am lusting after that coffee.

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