Wednesday, December 22, 2010

another late night

 Before I forget, the word game site is and this is the word in a word that I like. They give you three minutes, which I don't care for.  But you can write the word on a piece of paper and take your time.

Tonight I have been sewing.  Emma needs her quilt by Feb 19, which is her baby naming.  The 18th is a Friday and is her first birthday (as well as Marty's). So, quilt.  I had made a string quilt forJordan - Jessica's friend Randy's first baby. She has always said it was the best gift she got.
Here are Jordan and his little brother on the quilt. They are too gorgeous!  I have one block left -- do I make more and give Emma a similar quilt? Jessica thinks it is a beautiful quilt. Dunno.

 On the one hand, I have strips up the wazoo that I could easily sew together and make something really cool.  On the other hand, I have multitudinous (is there such a word??) experimental things and leftovers sitting around.  I'll think about it over the weekend.

Or maybe I won't think at all, but just keep sewing and see what happens.  This seems like a better alternative.


Cate Rose said... it is MY birthday, as well! Your strips always look so wonderful together -- I actually tried something stripy with my handdyeds recently and it was really yucky. Have a great holiday weekend!

Unknown said...

We made your blog! So exciting to see my boys' photo there! The quilt you made jordan is still my most favorite baby gift. I hadn't used it in a while and was so excited to bring it out for baby Alexander! it is so colorful and beautiful! We hope yOu are well.

Susan Ettl said...

Just keep sewing and follow your muse.

patty a. said...

I feel your pain! I have been documenting my quilting saga this week in trying to get the family xmas quilt done. You would think I would learn that xmas comes every year at the same time so there is no suprises here, but yet I stuggle to get the quilt done every year! Maybe next year I will make a vow to get it done by August - we'll see. I think I would use up the strips that are already cut. I know whatever you do it will be wonderful!

Jessica K said...

Whatever you make I'm sure Emma will adore it because it will be from Nanny and made with love!

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