Sunday, March 16, 2008

playing catch-up

MIA but back. The cold and cough I picked up last weekend really hit me hard and it has been a lost week. Well, almost. Friday at the museum, I printed some fabric. It was so wonderful to be working that I continued and overprinted at home last night. I added to this one but think I ruined it, so I just have to continue adding and subtracting till I get something I am happy with. At the moment it is yardage.

Here is another in-process piece, overprinted on fabric that was in my "redo" file. You can see the shadows of the first layer beneath the red and green stripes.
Then, another layer because the stripes had to go. (except, they didn't.) Right now it is waiting for the next step.
Yesterday was the opening of the Studio Six exhibit yesterday and I took a couple of pix, though not as many as I would have if I had been feeling well. The Mikhail Zakin Gallery is light and beautiful and our work looked splendid in that space, I must say. The curator, Rachael Fallaice, also did a beautiful job of hanging so the pieces had plenty of room around them. The turnout was quite good. Patricia Malarcher (artist and editor of Surface Design Journal) also had a bad cold but was nice enough to come and stay for a while. Here she is in conversation with Joan Dreyer. One of Judy Langille's pieces is in the background.
Below, behind Judy, is one of Joan's pieces - made of dental x-rays. The flowers we are holding were gifts from fiber artist Carol Westfall. Carol came to the opening and brought us each a rose as a thank-you for the joy of seeing our show. What a gracious thing to do! She and Joan are both part of this year's Fiber Biennial at Snyderman Gallery in Philadelphia. If you are going to be at the SDA/SAQA conference, "Breaking New Ground," you'll get a chance to see the exhibit. At the very least, check out the Snyderman-Works website.

Marty took this fuzzy picture of the five of us. L-R - Judy Langille, Diane Savona, Rachel Cochran, Joan Dreyer, and yrs trly. Joanie San Chirico was in Santa Monica at her own art opening - big exciting stuff!
After yesterday's opening, errands. I had a 25% off coupon for Linens 'n Things so treated myself to all new pots for the new kitchen. The last time I had pots that matched was in 1963 when my late ex-MIL, who worked for Faberware, gave me a few saucepans and a round electric frying pan. I still have the frying pan, which I love and use once a year. Finally had to get rid of my favorite Faberware saucepan when the handle fell off and refused to go back on. But now, they are made in China and the balance is different and the handles feel wrong. I bought a set of Cuisinart pots - also made in China, but much better quality.

Today, a trip to IKEA to buy cabinet pulls. Tomorrow, the parade: electricians, appliance service guy (the dishwasher door came dented and has to be replaced) and someone who wants to buy a piece of my work. Tuesday I will continue on the GREAT BACKSPLASH TILE HUNT. We finally have working faucets in kitchen and powder room and it is a luxury to have cold filtered tap water without having to go down to the lower level! (ha - thought you'd get away without renovation stuff, didn't you?)

I just LOVE this soapstone top for the vanity. Can't wait till the wallpaper goes!
That's all the news fit to print. It's been a busy weekend and feels later than it really is.

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Gerrie said...

Thanks for the great post. Loved seeing all of those wonderful artists. Your kitchen is looking fabulous. Feel better!!

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