Monday, March 10, 2008

hello from home

Home, after a terrific couple of days with the Potomac Craftsmen and soy wax. T I came into the house to find the upper cabinets in place and a few other things ready to be installed. Moving right along. There were 18 students in the workshop and some of them have never worked with dyes before, so they had to absorb a lot in only a day and a half. It was really less time because there was an event at the community center on Saturday night and we had to break an hour earlier than expected, pack up all our supplies, and cart them into another part of the building for storage overnight. Nevertheless, the energy in the room was palpable and there were lots of beautiful fabrics being produced.

The variety of results and the contrast of styles was staggering! Here is Cynthia with
two beautiful, subtly colored pieces.Judy Warren, on the other hand, worked in vivid colors.Ruan Robertson and Anne Datko posed with Ann's waxed and ironed silk. Such dimension!Here's Ruan at work.

And another of her pieces in a completely different mood.Sharon used a screen to create this piece, which was a work-in-progress when she left.
Sue Walen was talking to someone offstage while she held this piece for me to photograph. I don't know if she realizes what a great piece of fabric she has here.
Undaunted by the temporary loss of power due to Saturday night's party and too-powerful sound system that blew a fuse, the class worked around it. Some worked in the unaffected kitchen, others used tape resists on their screens, and others dye-painted the pieces they had waxed before all the circuits went.

The drive home was sunny - but it is way too cold for my taste. Daylight savings time means warm weather. Yoo hoo - where are you? I'm ready.

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fabulous work by your students!

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