Saturday, March 22, 2008

I promised

to post again when it was daylight, but here it is again - 9:20 pm Sat, east coast time, and I am just sitting down to write. Sigh...

Art? Ha ha. I am continuing to make a sample that shows commercial & handprints in the same piece. Didn't have a chance all day, but tonight I have gotten to this point. It's done enough for the purpose.
We'll see how it looks when I sew it together. Actually, this is where fusing comes in handy - but I am not in the habit of fusing.

If you ask me where the day went, I will tell you that I spent a good part of it setting up my mother's files in the top drawer, shredding checks, throwing out papers, and paying her bills. This is a big accomplishment, trust me! Here is the file alcove, which has the only working outlet in the kitchen - so of course, electric kettle is there for the time being. The file drawers came in wrong, so the handles for the right hand drawers are waiting. The holes in the wall have to be patched so I can put up the corkboard backsplash. Maybe Monday??
The bottom drawer will be for my files, when I get to them. Sooner rather than later, I hope.
File drawers! What a luxury! Almost as good as the decadence of a dedicated ice machine.
If you have spent any length of time in my company, you know that when I am thirsty, nothing will do but a glass of ice. Not water; ice. This is probably a leftover need from all my hospital stays, when they wouldn't let me have water but I could crunch on/suck on ice. It makes me so happy to have this available, you have no idea.

Yesterday, the majority of the cookbooks went onto a couple of shelves between the pantry doors.
Today, during a much-needed break from the filing, I put a few of my beloved vintage tins on the shelves above the sink. Oh, joy. They have been put away for far too long. I think my love of graphics and text is connected to the old advertising signs and tins I started collecting back in the 1960's - when they were $1.50 -$4.00 because nobody wanted them. The two tins on the bottom shelf are my real tea tins: the Lipton one on the left came home from India with my ex-husband; the one on the right is, I think, a repro and contains decaf tea. That is all a repro deserves to hold, as far as I am concerned.
I especially get a kick out of the Maxwell House coffee tin on the right. Never opened, it is still full of coffee and the key is still on the bottom of the tin. This is the way coffee came when I was growing up; I can still smell the fragrance when the key got all the way around and opened the can. Do you think the contents are still fresh after being vacuum-packed for almost 60 years?

Enough for now. For those of you who are celebrating Easter tomorrow, enjoy your day.


Judy said...

Love your tins Rayna. I can hear that vacuum pack of coffee opening and smell it too! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! ;-)


Nellie's Needles said...

Art cloth and commercial fabrics are a difficult combination? What a silly notion. It's as silly as the often stated hand dyed/painted fabrics didn't go with commercial fabrics back when I began quilting. I took that as an blatant challenge to prove that silliness wrong in many pieces.

It's good to see your kitchen getting back together and being functional. What a journey!

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