Tuesday, March 11, 2008

busy week

On Saturday, Studio Six, the art group I belong to, is having an opening and you are all invited, of course. If you're within driving distance of exit 168 on the Garden State Parkway, it's about 20 minutes off the Parkway to the Mikhail Zakin Gallery in the Old Churce Cultural Center. Reception from 2-4. Click on the card to see the info better.

This morning the gallery director called me to say I had forgotten to include a hanging stick with one of the 4 pieces. No big surprise there; she'll have to hang 3 of them because I don't think i can get there tomorrow. Whatever.

Awoke with a code in my dose and haven't the vaguest idea where the anti-stuffed nose meds are. Can't find them anywhere; they must be with the battery charger for the camera and the hammer that my neighbor borrowed 40 years ago and swore he returned. Whenever my ex-husband and I couldn't find something, we said "it must be with the hammer." I still say it, except there is nobody around to appreciate the humor in it; you had to be there. This is the thing with shared frames of reference: the punch lines are funny until the others involved are no longer around to remember with you.

Kitchen is humming along. We found someone to make a frame for my range top so it will sit high enough off the bottom of the oven. Don't ask. The hood is in and it is lovely. (can a hood be lovely?) It is a semi-circle.
We have ordered the pendant lights and tonight we shopped for backsplash tile. Have I had any time for art? Noooope. But Thursday I have to be in the studio in the morning to meet the newspaper photographer who will be snapping whatever for the article on me in the local newsprint. However, I have to come home because Jay soapstone is coming in the afternoon to finish installing and fine-tuning.

I keep forgetting to show you my downstairs print alcove now that 3 of the old cabinets are up and two are holding up our old butcher block tabletop. Finally, a good print table for the house.

And on that happy note, i will go in search of at least some Benadryl.


teri springer said...

Ok Rayna, Gotta ask, if you are divorced, who is "we" (?are "we")....And the hanging rod- gee, sounds like something I'd do. It's nice to know I'm not alone in those "d'uh" moments....


Abfab Art Studio said...

Hey Rayna,

Good luck with the exhibition!!

Just read your comment, "This is the thing with shared frames of reference: the punch lines are funny until the others involved are no longer around to remember with you."

Reminds me of my best friend Ian - we had a lifetime of great phrases and memories, so when he decided to pop over to the 'other side', I decided to train some of my other friends with 'our' phrases.

It's worked a treat haha his zany sense of humour lives on!

Hmmmm, maybe Ian's "gone with the hammer"! -- and maybe he found all those missing socks the washing machine ate :D

Hope the code in your dose is feeling beddah - good old Eucalyptus oil from the pharmacy dripped on a handkerchief and sniffed regularly will clear the nose.

Ciao ciao
Teena from complex cloth
Silk Paint in Paris 2008

Rayna said...

The "we" is my husband of 25 years. The first one is still around, but we don't spend a whole lot of time together these days.

Teena - I like the idea of training your friends with the good phrases.
The code in dose is better, thank you. Eucalyptus - what a concept! Thanks.

Susie Monday said...

Good Luck. I hope the exhibition goes wonderfully and profitably! The kitchen looks good, too. Susie

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