Sunday, March 02, 2008

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Friday I did go to the studio. What a relief to have some space!! I dyed some fabric and worked on some batik pieces, experimenting to see what would happen to a green piece of cloth I had screened with brown paint a long time ago. It was ugly - trust me. Because paint doesn't penetrate cloth, the brown was only one one side. And because paint is a resist, it doesn't dye. Here is the piece with the back side folded over so you can see the difference. Frankly, I think it is more interesting on the side with the brown lines.
I am overrun by fabric: commercial, hand-dyed, and my own printed fabric. I don't ever have to print another piece of cloth and I will still have too much. Of course, I know how unusual this is: that I am the only one on the planet to be in this situation.

Tonight, I continued ironing fabrics - but they were Handloom Batik fabrics that I have collected from Usha over the years. Including Thursday's fabrics, I filled an entire bin. Now I have to use them. That's tomorrow's activity.


PaMdora said...

Yes, you may have a lot of fabric, but is it the right kind (i.e. print, color, size?) That's what I'm constantly faced with -- water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink :)

I love that bold yellow stuff you posted at the top of this entry! Just got some chemicals that I need to continue my dye painting experiments, and the weather's getting warmer, so I'm excited. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

cfent said...

use them?
we're supposed to USE them???

Russ Little said...

The folded piece of cloth that you have above is gorgeous just as you photographed. Stitched it up the middle and quilt it. It looks great!

Wild Thread Studio said...

I am making plans with Usha to go up to Hudson this weekend and indulge in some Usha fabric. Thanks (I think) for sharing the info on Usha's wonderful fabrics.

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