Friday, March 21, 2008

7,000 of your blogs have changed

Every day, a similar reminder from Blogarithm comes waltzing into my inbox. And every day, I mean to read all 7,000 of them. Today I finally caught up with a few - and now I am updating my own, which has been languishing as I have nursed a wretched cold and cough that is still hanging on, plus a sore tooth that Richard, my dentist, looked at yesterday. Abracadabra, it is better today.

Starting yesterday, I attempted to make some sample blocks that used my fabric and commercial fabric so that shop owners at Market in Portland will see how my book can help them sell more fabric. Alas, I made the mistake of piecing two blocks from a very popular book whose author shall remain nameless. Can I tell you how much I hate following somebody's instructions on piecing what is supposed to be a free-form block? As in, "cut an assymetrical square using your ruler." What is wrong with this picture???? It's like planning to be spontaneous. Oxymoronic. I cut one block into shreds and the other resides on my wall, looking not spontaneous, just BAD.

Here is a piece of fabric that I really like.
Last month, I trotted around the Mancuso show vendors' aisles looking for fabric that would go with it. "Aha!" I thought - there are lots of things that will work. When I got them out this morning, they looked wrong.

Nothing was working. Everything I tried to do looked silly and awkward - and here I was, wasting fabric. Finally, I thought, "forget it, Rayna. Do your own thing." So, I now have a little piece started that will not appeal to traditional quilt shop owners - but I can't help myself. If something is going to be BAD, it should at least be bad and funky instead of bad and boring. I'll keep working tomorrow.

This afternoon I gave up and escaped. Went to see my mother and then made the rounds of Bed, Bath etc. and Home Depot, returning some stuff, buying more - and naturally, I will have to return some of the new stuff.

Inasmuch as I can't keep eyes open and it is already tomorrow I will post and catch up in the daylight. I promise.


PaMdora said...

Most anything I piece together looks like I copied someone else or it looks BAD, lol!

Liz Plummer said...

Love your banner, Rayna! I've no idea if it's new or not because I normally read all my blogs in Google Reader so it is a treat to see the whole thing!

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