Friday, March 07, 2008

Hello from Bethesda

This has not been my favorite week. A few glitches with the kitchen which will turn out all right but have caused me to do a lot of sighing. Never mind - my contractor assures me not to worry, it will be fine. Ok. I'm not worrying.

The soapstone counters went in on Wednesday. We love them.

This gorgeous corner is now all covered up. Oh, well.
The Advantium will go into this cabinet and the contractor will put in the upper cabs tomorrow.

Meantime, I drove to Bethesda today in the pouring rain. 95 with all those huge trucks in this weather is not my favorite place - but I got here all right. I'm staying with Sue Walen who is a great hostess! She invited her art quilt group for dinner tonight and we had a terrific evening.

Tomorrow morning, I give my OOPS lecture - so thanks to those of you who sent me images and stories which I hope will make this lecture fun! Then a day and a half of soy wax, punctuated with dinner chez the Gillman children and grandchildren who live here.

By tomorrow night I should have some ART pictures to post.


Gerrie said...

Oh how lovely is that soapstone. Wow! Hope everything gets worked out. Can't wait to see class results.

Judy said...

Glad you made it to Bethesda safe and sound. Even on a lovely day 95 is not my cup of tea!
Sorry to read that you've had some glitches. We're having a few here too. Your kitchen looks fabulous!


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