Monday, November 03, 2008

another art day

Today was our Studio Six meeting: Studio Six is our crit group. We met at Judy Langille's house today and I must say, we were more efficient than usual, actually getting through all of our critiques before lunch. Unheard of! Among the luminaries in our group are Diane Savona, whose domestic archaeology pieces are highly original, Joan Dreyer, whose 3-D fiber work is represented by Snyderman-Works in Philadelphia, and Joanie San Chirico, who has a solo exhibition at the J & J world headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ. After the meeting, Joan, Diane, Randy Keenan and I waltzed over to Johnson & Johnson to see Joanie's paintings. The security at this place made Newark Airport look like a piece of cake. Before we could go into the building, they had to see picture IDs, take our photos (which were uniformly ghastly) and then we had to wait for an escort to take us in to see the exhibit (for which we had made an appointment). Joanie had told us we'd have to get a photo permit, but fortunately, we had a substitute escort who didn't know we couldn't take pictures in the gallery. As usual, my photos are not especially good - but I expected to be arrested any minute while I took these. This tree is my favorite. Click on it to enlarge. and this, which is part of a triptich, is the only one I could get a good photo of before it was too late. But you can see Joanie's work on her website.Afterwards, we went across the street to the Hyatt to see more of Joanie's work and then walked through the J&J campus to get back to our car. While we were at it, Randy and I snapped pictures. This Henry Moore sculpture, Draped Reclining Mother and Baby, was sitting on the grass. Wow! Henry Moore! Here is Randy, taking a picture of one end of the sctulpture while I took a photo of the other end.
Gorgeous campus - we just kept snapping as we walked to the car.
These pods were creepy - I don't know what they are. I think we used to call them boxer when we were kids: the remind me of carob pods but probably are not. I picked some up to print with but left them in Joan's car by mistake. On the way out of the parking lot the security guard stopped us and told us it was forbidden to take pictures on the J&J campus and that if he called the New Brunswick Police we'd be arrested. We were waiting for him to confiscate our cameras but he only told us we had to delete the pictures. Fortunately, he did not insist we do it in front of him. I do not expect to see this sign again.
Tonight, I was too tired to go to my printing workshop. I shall have to try and figure out the next assignment on my own. Frankly, I believe this one hour-time change deal has done me in. What a wimp.


Gerrie said...

Busted!! I love that tree piece, too!!!

Judith said...

Hi, Rayna.
Those are Mimosa tree pods.
Judith in NYC

Vivien said...

So glad your camera wasn't confiscated! These are great; I think the tree's amazing, too -- a negative with color.

Joanie San Chirico said...

Thanks Rayna, glad you liked the show.. yes, crazy insane security though!

Regina said...


Judith mentioned Mimosa tree pods, to me they looked also like Flamboyant pods, although these are less crooked. Want some for printing? Have a look at my blog (september 2 post)
Best regards,

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