Thursday, November 20, 2008

I kept thinking it was Friday

but it appears not, since tomorrow is Friday. This afternoon I spent a few hours in the studio, working on some scarves with my newest tjaps...or at least one of them. I realize as I look at this one that it is all in the dye painting. I did another one with the same tjap and it is just boring. Click on this one to see it bigger. I had to leave early for an appointment, so a few of them need to be gone back into. Perhaps tomorrow, if I have time. I am getting ready for my shibori class with Jan Myers-Newberry and have to make sure I have all the equipment I will need for the three day class that begins on Sat. Benedicte Caneill arrives tomorrow and we'll hit Home Despot for some PVC pipe. Sherryl Buchler asked me to bring scarves, so I have spent time tonight ironing (with the new green iron, of course) and folding several of them to take with me. I mentioned books last night: I sat up till 2 a.m. to finish Sarah's Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay. Couldn't put it down. And while I'm on a renewed Halsman kick, I ordered Halsman at Work. I think my parents have the book, but I figured I should have my own copy just in case. Written by Yvonne & Philippe, it is interesting because they talk about their interaction with their subjects, including Woody Allen, Marilyn Monroe, and Nixon. Insights into their true characters; fascinating tidbits and personal observations. It is out of print, of course, but I found an inexpensive copy on-line. I am really happy that my doctor called to cancel my appointment for tomorrow morning. What a sweetheart! She called tonight to tell me her office had double-booked and she was so booked that I'd have to wait for an hour or more. Instead, she offered me another day. Can you believe it???? Most doctors would let you come in and cool your heels forever; that's why I left my last doctor for this one. So, I can sleep late, get up and make my lasagna and maybe even have time to go back into a scarf of two before Benedicte arrives. These are dark-chocolate covered espresso beans from Trader Joe's. I am going through this chocolate thing and ate about five of these a little while ago, as if they were going out of style. However, since all that caffeine has failed to make a dent, I figure it is time to turn in. Anon.


Judy said...

The scarves are great Rayna.
How do you like the iron? Is it the best ever?
C just got me Annie Liebovitz's new book 'Annie L at Work'. We are going to hear her speak in Atlanta on Dec 10th. I can't wait. We've become total junkies since seeing her most recent show at the High in Atlanta.......and then viewing the dvd about her TWICE.
Our Dermatologist is like your eye Dr. She stopped accepting new patients because she wants to be able to see her pts asap when they call and have problems. I really respect her for that! I wish more Drs were like that.

Have fun in your shibori class.


nikistudio said...

What beautiful scarves!! I just recently subscribed to your blog and really enjoy it. I haven't done any fabric dyeing or painting, but I would like to get started. Any suggestions? I especially liked the scarf with the writing. I would like to see you give a few more ideas on how you did things. I usually get lost in some of the "lingo". Beautiful scarves, beautiful blog!

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