Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am liking this scene better and better. It has been raining;the leaves have been coming down in droves and this was one of my Sunday morning pictures. Warm rain - it felt like Florida on a bad day - but it was NJ on a good day -- hamburgers on the grill for dinner. I stayed in all day and dyed in the basement, which is not optimum because the space is so tight. On the upside, I did not have to leave the house. I am happy to report that my work has been juried into Form not Function 2009 but I am sorry that I will be in Florida teaching when the show opens. I've been watching the SAQA One Foot Squared auction; the piece I wanted was gone before I had a chance to bid - so I guess it wasn't meant for me. The piece I donated will be in the second round, on page 2b, I think. Click on it to see a larger image. I find it a good challenge to work in a 1 ft. square format; I should push myself to do more of these. The danger is, of course, that they can look like large potholders if they are not mounted somehow. It is after midnight- so officially, it is tomorrow although it still feels like today. I slept late this morning (this morning by my accounting) and expect to do the same tomorrow (or today, as the case may be). Too confusing. Will post again Sunday night, no doubt. Would that be tonight or tomorrow night? Whatever.

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Judy said...

That piece is stunning Rayna! The periwinkle is perfect!

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