Sunday, November 30, 2008

rainy Sunday

Sigh...the last day of a lovely, long weekend. I took my pile of shibori'd fabric with me to the studio so I could trim and throw some at the wall and see what I had done. This color is somewhat inaccurate and this is by no means a composition or a piece -- but rather an inventory of what might work together. Naturally, in the midst of pressing all these pieces, my Black & Decker iron stopped, cold. Grrrr... So I cleaned up (sort of), pole-wrapped some silk and threw it into a dye bucket, along with one of my work shirts that needed a little jazzing up. By that time, it was 5:00 and time to head home. As I left the building, I was dazzled by the reflections of the lights on the wet pavement of the parking lot and despite the rain, took out my camera. These shots have not been manipulated: they are just as they came from the camera.
The bright upstairs window is the hallway where the light is on 24/7.
The parking lot view from the passenger's side of my car.There is a concrete plant across the street - you can see the wall.
A better view. This gritty, industrial scene is so beautiful at night.
Life is full of surprises - my cheapo camera with the bad focus has just given me some gifts, which are going into my "inspiration" file.


Eva said...

If the last photo could be transferred on cloth in quilt size, wouldn't it be a gorgeous quilt?

Judy said...

lovely Rayna...I love the collection of your pieces......but I think you need to remove the second one from the left (and send it to me! LOL)

the pics are great! very inspiring!


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