Friday, November 21, 2008

It really IS Friday!!

Finally, caught up with my wishful thinking. Benedicte is here and we had an interesting afternoon -- well at least a couple of hours -- playing with soy wax and silk in the studio. We went back into a couple of scarves that I was not entirely happy with (that is an understatement). The "before" pictures weren't even worth taking, but here they are in the second round. The first one, Benedicte went back into with more wax and more color and it is a great combination of colors. Makes me look like a bad embalming job but it would be gorgeous on the right person. The other was deadly but is livelier with the black hieroglyphics and varied background. Trust me, these are greatly improved. You can't miss by going back into something you're not happy with.
Tomorrow, we're off to our class with Jan Myers-Newbury. We've loaded the car with buckets and PVC tubes and we'll try to post tomorrow if we are still standing.

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Judy said...

Looks like you two had a great time with the scarves...and some great results!
Have fun shiboriing!


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