Monday, November 24, 2008

Put me into rehab

I've got another addiction. I started to post last night about Shibori Heaven day #2 but was just too tired to continue. So I scrapped the post and you'll get two days worth tonight, if I don't conk out en route. Jan is a wonderful, giving, teacher and you should RUN if you have a chance to take a class with her. Pictures are worth pages of blablabla inutile, so here are some of yesterday's surprise packages when we emptied the dye pots. The circle was stitched shibori. Gorgeous. Somebody asked what the poles were for. We used the PVC pipes to wrap/tie and or twist and scrunch our fabrics as we wrapped them around the pipes. Results vary, depending on the diameter of the pipe and a million other variables. Too tired to post any more. To be continued.


Connie Rose said...

Looks like you were doing pretty free form arashi shibori--I'll have to try that myself! Can't wait to see more of your photos.

Judy Sall said...

NEED MORE PHOTOS! I am doing a small piece of pole-wrapped shibori as we speak... love your circle! I will keep my eyes peeled for a class here, but don't hold out much hope. Does she have a book?

P.S. rest!

Gloria Hansen said...

The photos look great Rayna! You created so many very cool looking pieces. I put some photos on my blog, too ( I woke this morning, however, with the worse backache! I *knew* I should have stopped with the bucket lugging!

Rayna said...

Connie - I TRIED to do it neatly but am constitutionally unable to be neat. Hence, the free form (like everything else I do, except writing, where I have learned to be organized). Judy - not MY circle - I think it was Randy Keenan's. I love it too, but no way would I sit and do all that stitching.

Jan doesn't have a book or even a website.

Gloria -- please take care of your back!!!!!!!

Debra said...

Beautiful work! Love the circle and the green piece that reminds me of bamboo.

I've been thinking about doing some more free form shibori.

teri springer said... have now been seduced over to the "dark side." Yep, Jan is a gem. We had so much fun in her class we were all but fighting over who got to stir, who got to unwrap and rinse....and Jan was worried that if she didn't assign people to do this stuff it wouldn't get done. HA!



wen redmond said...

Very cool Rayna! I love Jan's work and uh-o, yours too.

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